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The Freelance Hardware Content Writers Field

Hardware is a fascinating field that gives you plenty of opportunities to see what’s going on in the forefront of technology. Companies continually push the limit on hardware development and that opens up plenty of options for freelance hardware content writers.

Hardware writers may choose to write generally about all of the computer hardware that’s coming down the pipe, or they may opt for a more specific niche. Given the amount of computer hardware out there, focusing on a few specific areas of interest helps to make you a more credible writer for that niche.

A few hot niches in hardware writing are mobile technology, enterprise networking, and microprocessors. However, you are not limited by the most trendy niches. Most hardware writing can be approached from both a business and consumer standpoint, so you can choose to focus on both sides of the market.

A few good resources to read to find out the latest hardware news are CNet, which has a broad view of technology, PC World, which focuses on computer hardware, and Business Week, which gives you plenty of information on various types of business technology.

Another useful thing to have if you want to get into the field as freelance hardware content writers are technical certifications. You don’t need to have any certifications, of course, as long as you know what you’re talking about. However, they are proof that you have practical knowledge that has been tested in that particular hardware area.

It is also good to know all of the terminology for the hardware niche that you’re looking into. One of the easiest ways to come off as though you aren’t an expert in the field is to mess up the standard and common terms used in that area of hardware. You want to give your clients confidence that you are well versed in the field, so take the time to find out all of the terms used for a particular niche.

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