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The Follow-up: Building Client and Writer Relationships

While freelance writers love the moment a client accepts one of their assignments and pays them for their work, there is an even better feeling when the client offers more projects. But this is not an automatic response even when clients love a writer’s style.

When freelance writers follow up with their clients, sending messages that present themselves in a professional and poised way, they earn more jobs and build better relationships. Clients too can take the time to reach out to content providers and treat them like valuable company employees, encouraging them to keep producing high-quality work and accept future offers.

Sending the Message

Some freelancers treat online messages and emails in a casual manner. Even when dealing with clients, the thought process for some is that a freelance writer’s real boss is the content services website — or worse, some freelancers think of themselves as their own boss. Freelancers need to engage their clients as business professionals, utilizing the age-old techniques of etiquette and remembering that online messages cannot carry tone and must be carefully crafted.

Freelancers who use appropriate salutations and closings look polished. Writers can thank the client for the opportunity, express interest in future work and briefly provide background information the client might not be aware of. This is not a full-blown cover letter or an entire resume. Lengthy follow-up messages might go ignored or waste a client’s time. Instead, writers need to be courteous and concise. If a writer has professional experience in the client’s industry or personal interest in a topic, now is the time to express it. Freelancers can also share their availability but should not desperately hound clients for new projects.

Client’s Perspective

A freelancer who takes the time to send a message shows character. He or she might be the type of competent worker a company is looking for. When hiring freelancers through website content services, clients can contact writers before and after approving an assignment. A simple comment or thank-you goes a long way towards attracting writers. Freelancers love working for appreciative clients and will do a better job if they know their work is truly being read and even commented on. Sending a message to a writer is also a great test of character. Does the writer respond professionally? Does he or she respond at all?

Daniel M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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