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The Creative Art of Managing a Self-Proclaimed Artist or a Freelance Writer

self proclaimed artist

Although you may have previously managed production teams to go above and beyond the company’s target goal, your new task represents uncharted territory. You must venture into the dark world of reclusive freelance writers due to your newest assignment on the content marketing campaign. Since you may never physically meet the writer, for all you know he or she could be a heinous ogre.

However, it’s much more likely they are just like you.

Even so, freelance writers work according to a different set of rules, which undoubtedly require a different style of management. Since the freelance writer has a domineering amount of impact on your success, the following management tips will help you create a mutually beneficial relationship.

They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know

Undoubtedly, self proclaimed artists are sensitive about their artwork. In managing freelance copywriters, you should always be cognizant of how you give feedback. The best way to do this is to always start on a high note with what you loved about the submission. Everything always goes down easier with a nice cold glass of flattery.

Once you have paid homage to their incredulous ego, explain how the piece could more closely align with the goals of the overall marketing schema. By doing this, you will make the freelancer feel as he or she is part of the team with an intuitive overview of the company’s goals. Afterwards, you can make suggestions about specific changes to the copywriter, which will usually be well received.

Get In Their Face

Although not everyone likes the in-your-face style of management, with a freelance writer located across the world it is truly necessary. Discuss goals, content calendars, but most importantly you want to make sure you spend some time simply getting to know the person. The latter aspect is vital because freelancers are much more likely to produce high quality work for those they respect, like, or are committed to. As a result, you will be effectively creating a relationship with your freelance artist and opening the lines of communication.

Give Attaboys or Attagirls

One of the most important facets of managing your creative artist is to make sure you let them know when a job is well done. Far too often, freelancers only have communication with clients when it’s time to provide negative comments poorly masked as constructive criticisms. As a result, a negative connotation is attached with any type of communication from the company. While it is necessary to effectively communicate edits, it is also necessary to make sure you stroke the ego of the writer with kudos only when applicable.

As a long time freelance artist with an undeniable ego, Elliott C and his company of freelancers commonly discuss what they love and abhor. Elliott loves nothing more than creating lucrative content to the expressed delight of his clients.

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