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The Benefits of Using a Writer for Your Blog

Companies large and small benefit from outsourcing blog posts and web content to content writers for websites. The entire process of writing blog posts takes time; and usually, the research and thought process take longer than organizing the piece and getting on paper. Paper? What’s that? Okay, on your screen, then — especially if you can type nine million words a minute.

Brainstorming: First of all, when you hire a professional writer or a writing service, you always have more than one brain working on your blog posts. If you hire one writer, you have your own ideas; in addition, you can pick the writer’s brain for ideas. If you hire a writing service, you can choose as many writers as you need. Some businesses, especially those that need a lot of content, have lists of over 100 writers. When you have this many writers on your list, it’s pretty hard to miss coming up with something new every week.

Time Is Money: We all know the adage, “Time is money.” A company that outsources its writing requirements is one that follows this adage. If you use an outside writer or a writing service, you only pay for content that you need. You don’t have to pay someone to sit in your office for a number of hours.

If you employ an in-house writer and he or she finishes two hours early, you are paying that person to sit in your office for those two hours. If you hire a professional writer, you usually pay per piece. If you agree upon a flat rate for a 400-word blog post and it takes the writer two days to get it done, the writer only makes the amount agreed upon. However, if you pay someone to sit in your office for eight hours per day and that person takes two hours to write the article and doesn’t have any other work, you’ve just paid the person his or her hourly rate for 16 hours — two days — and only received one 400-word blog post.

Furthermore, when you hire a professional writer, you usually pay on a 1099 basis. This means that you do not pay certain taxes and other fees on behalf of the employee. And, you are not paying for office space and utilities.

Editing Services: A professional writer edits his or her work before turning it over to you. If you retain a writing service, it may have editors that review writers’ work before the work is passed onto you. The more people who look at the post, the more chances errors are found and corrected — especially if the editor and the writer are not the same person.

Content Writer for Websites: Choosing a service to work with gives you several options. It allows you to choose a favorite writer or a list of favorite writers. If you don’t want to choose a specific person or specific list of people, you could also enter your order in a general pool. A good writing service categorizes its writers into levels. Depending on the tone and style, you may choose writers from the more experienced levels.

Cheryl B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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