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Technology Tips for Meeting Your Deadlines

Maybe your version of multitasking involves writing while you drive to your other job.  Or writing while you have a drink.
Maybe your version of multitasking involves writing while you drive to your other job. Or writing while you have a drink to stave off the stress of that deadline.

Writing has evolved quite significantly over the last century. No longer do writers haul around 20-pound typewriters, pen and paper—or in some cases—even a laptop. Now writers are resorting to more crafty ways of using technology to their advantage. Despite the traditionalist’s instinct to cling to classic methods of writing, it may actually be worth considering some of the creative shortcuts that technology offers when faced with a deadline.

Typing On A Tablet

Whether you are a press release writer, or a hard-nosed journalist, using a tablet device is a great way to pick up your pace of writing. While using such a mobile device may not necessarily make your content better, it definitely presents an opportunity to expedite the process and add mobility. Many tablets provide on-screen touch-typing, and also offer the added perk of using a Bluetooth keyboard for faster typing capability. With most tablet models measuring dimensions smaller than a traditional piece of paper, they can be incredibly agile and advantageous for a writer under a tight deadline.

Typing On A Smartphone

Typing on a smartphone, in many ways, is not unlike using a tablet albeit with a smaller screen. However, as consumers shift toward smartphones with larger screens, it seems likely that more and more writers will utilize their phone’s typing ability. In fact, journalists on the Netflix show, House Of Cards, are frequently seen writing content on their smartphones. While art may not always be a realistic representation of life, in this case, using a smartphone to write content is definitely proving to be an actual trend.

Like many tablets, smartphone models give you the ability to attach a Bluetooth keyboard. What’s more, because writers have adapted with technology, they often have the ability to type a text message just as fast, if not faster, than they can an article on a traditional keyboard. For this reason, using a smartphone to type can serve as an invaluable asset when wrenching out some content right before a deadline.

Voice Recognition Typing

Voice recognition typing is one of the most innovative ways to create web content, or any other piece of writing for that matter. However, it is also where some naysayers feel that doing so is no longer considered actual writing. Mainly because voice recognition typing does not require you to touch a keyboard of any kind, its legitimacy can come into question. That being said, doing so is still an exceedingly fast way to both create content and multitask. Recently, I was turned on to voice recognition typing by none other than a client. The client wrote me an email with a disclaimer warning of the possibility of typos because he had used Apple’s Siri to type the message while driving. Interestingly enough, the message was free of typos and was executed perfectly. While I may not use such methods to create all of my content, it definitely comes in handy in a pinch, or when a little multitasking is in order.

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