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Tangible Assets: Mixing the Message in Social Media Marketing


Small and medium-sized businesses who struggle with social media marketing may benefit from adjusting the angle of their social media marketing campaigns. The trick is to break apart your campaign into as many segments as are necessary to address the marketing topic with each of the social media platforms that you use. In marketing terms, this is called multilevel marketing. However, there is a chore that occurs even before this step. It involves the social content for your campaign. It is important that each social media platform has content that is developed to appeal to the nature of that platform. For that, you may need to hire writers that are well versed in social media.

Multilevel Marketing and the Small Business

The big four social media platforms are Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter. If you are familiar with these, then you should realize just how different they are from each other. Your marketing campaigns need to take into account those differences. When you post generic content, you get generic results. Specialized content that is well-designed and well-written should target specific marketing goals within your marketing plan.

Image Perfect

Imagine that you are in a hotel where there are a dozen conferences happening. If you had the opportunity to pitch your company or product to all twelve conferences, would you use the same method and pitch? You might. What if I told you that one of the conferences was for people who are blind, another is for people who love photography, and another is for people who love rock music? Is your message going to be received the same by each of these different groups? Most likely not.

It’s the same with social media. The hypothetical conference for Facebook is different than the conference for Pinterest. Those differences make generic content pretty worthless. Sure, you might get 100 likes or a few re-pins. You might even get some retweets. That is not social media success. If you consider that the average adult has more than 200 people on their Facebook friends list, then you also have to consider that 200 multiplied by 200 is 40,000 people — 40,000 people seeing your content if your 200 friends each share your content with their 200 friends. We hear that social media is powerful, but it’s more than powerful if you can coax people into sharing your content. That goal begins with content design. The content that you design needs to be specific to each of the social media platforms that you use for marketing.

Complexities Keep It Interesting

It gets even more complex than just targeting content. Your content on one platform can be designed to benefit the content on another platform. That is a multiplier effect. That is also why it is important that small and medium-sized businesses hire writers that have a proven track record within one or more social media platforms. You need writers that understand how to create content that will take advantage of all of the assets that each platform offers. You won’t do that with generic content. You won’t do that with a generic marketing plan. High caliber results come from outstanding resources. Try a six-star social media writer and watch your content grow. Tools and resources:

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David S is naturalist and writer who enjoys sharing the natural world with the folks around him. He has celebrated his fifth year as a freelance content writer after leaving a long career in healthcare. He looks forward to sunsets and good books.

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