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Stop Being So Serious: Stroll Down the Comedic Content Sidewalk

Comedic Content

When you get together with friends or family for special occasions, what is the one thing that sticks with you, long after they pass you by?

Most people forget what their birthday card greetings said or are foggy about the list of people in attendance. The one thing you will remember is what Aunt Jojo did when she spewed milk out of her nose because your younger cousin Moe said something outright hilarious. Or it’ll be that questionably appropriate joke that Grandpa Bob insisted on repeating to everyone in earshot.

Lifelong memories sparkling with humor have staying power. Nobody remembers the boring old tale about so and so who did blah, blah, blah. Falling asleep much? This brings us to your flat, boring, and anything but funny content. Keep reading to find out how to safely connect the dots between comedy and your content. Then you can give your readers the snap, crackle, pop that’ll keep your ideas alive in their mind.

Get Thee to Hilarity

Start by stopping. Say what? Stop being such a fussy hussy and start letting your content LOL a bit. By the way, we aren’t just saying this for laughs. BuzzSumo has crunched the numbers and the No. 4 insight among the Top 10 Insights from 100 Million Articles is, drum roll please, “Invoke awe, laughter or amusement.” Get groovy by creating content that ranges anywhere from amusing entertainment to laugh out loud hilarity.

Get groovy by creating content that ranges anywhere from amusing entertainment to laugh out loud hilarity. Tweet This!

If your content gets readers laughing, they are more likely to share with others because, like Grandpa Bob knew back in the day, when it’s funny it makes people happy, and everyone wants to be happy. Insert Pharrell Williams soundtrack here. By the way, did you know he’s like 45 years old or something? What’s that guy eating because I want some…

Whoops! Let’s get back on that comedic content sidewalk. Start with content that is sprinkled with light jokes. But don’t forget that just being funny counts in the buckets-of-fun department. Sarcasm works too, as does quirky and unexpected angles like being weirdly aggressive like
Wendy’s savage Twitter feed.

Learn to Relax

Yoga much? Well, that’s not exactly what we mean here, but it could definitely help if you’re as uptight as a pair of trousers at the Royal Wedding of 2018. The point is, if you’re too stiff it’ll always come through in your writing. It’s like you are typing while suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), and you get called out with comparisons to Ferris Bueller’s economics teacher. Content is king. Anyone? Anyone? Glean some comedic gold out of your content by stretching your mental muscles and taking a new direction.

Instead of content is king, which is the most blase and overused phrase in content marketing history, try this. Content is actually queen because, hello, let’s not kick the Queen into the Windsor Castle tomb just yet. And let’s be honest, King Charles will be so old when he takes the throne that his proverbial content would be covered in gray hairs and puffing death dust. How’s that for a content is king reboot?

Keep It PC

One area that can be, let’s just say, iffy, is the comedy that Grandpa Bob all too often falls back on. You know, those jokes that you would never tell to a potential mother-in-law on your first, fortunately brief, encounter. But here’s the thing. When you are on the internet, you regularly see blush-worthy content, and it’s often the buzziest content to boot. But wait! Are you trying to get your company turned into a meme or into a customer hot spot? If you want to make a joke of your business, then by all means leave no comedic stones unturned.

However, if you are trying to operate a functional and profitable establishment, keep the comedy on the PC sidewalk while still going viral. No, not just on your Personal Computer; we mean Politically Correct. Your customers will thank you. Hopefully, with all of their hard-earned dollars. And that is the bottom line in this barrel of laughs. You ultimately are using comedy to keep customers coming to you for more fun time entertainment and LOL experiences. So find that sweet spot between making them laugh and having readers give you the eyebrow arches in shocked and embarrassed-for-you surprise.

Finding Comedic Content Writers

If you want more insight on how to turn content into stomach rolling laughter, contact the content comedians at WriterAccess. We’ll help you find your business’s funny bone so your blog posts, web pages, and social media posts are filled with more hahahahaha than a lazy millennial’s text messages.


Miranda B has worked for a leading truck driver job recruiting firm as a web content writer. She has written more than 500,000 words for various truck driving job recruitment sites. Miranda works closely with the client’s publishing team with weekly conference calls in order to produce sticky and knowledge-rich content for their sites. 

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