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Social Influencers – Who Are They and How Do I Get Connected?

72262722If you’ve ever shared a post on Facebook by George Takei you are following one of the biggest social media influencers on any content delivery system. Today, more than ever, connecting with influencers is one of the best ways to be seen and heard in a crowded social media marketplace. While you may not gain the attention of a huge, overwhelming account like Takei’s, there are plenty of social influencers out there who you can connect and engage with—and make a splash in the social media world.

Why Connect With Social Media Influencers?

Primarily, connecting with these people can help you learn more about your industry and business. You will watch what they are doing and learn from the best. However, the other benefits can be more noticeably impactful. When you make these connections, you will build your page rank, grow your followers and improve your visibility within your industry and across social media platforms as a whole.

How Can You Find and Connect With Social Media Influencers

While you can follow those big names like Takei, your connection with him will likely be one-sided (see cat picture, laugh at cat picture, like, comment, repeat). The key is to find those who are influencers, but who perhaps will be willing to develop a two-way communication channel. Look for those who are influencers in your own field or area of interest. Look for people who are more influential than you are, but who are still looking to build their brand and expand their reach. These are the people more likely to respond to your tweets, notice your shares and respond to you.

Connecting is normally easy. Follow, like or make whatever statement your social media network of choice requires to tie you and said influencers together on site. After that, reach out to him or her. Send a message and let this person know why you admire him—share your page. You may not get a reply, but at least you will be on the radar. Then, like, share and comment—when appropriate. Do not go crazy. You will wind up looking like a stalker, not a fan. In many cases, these influencers will respond and you will gain benefits. Even if there is no response, you have the opportunity to connect with his or her followers through comment threads and tweets.

The act of connecting with social media influencers isn’t always easy, but with practice and effort, you will learn the best techniques. Don’t be afraid to jump in and try to make those connections—they are an important way to build your reputation and online status, as well as learning more about your industry.

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