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Should I Hire a Ghostwriter for My eBook?

As technology advances, eBooks are becoming increasingly popular over traditional print. Even public libraries are getting into the game by providing electronic format lending via Apple iProducts and Kindle devices. For those interested in sharing their knowledge or stories with the world, creating an eBook can be quite a lucrative opportunity.

But what if an eBook author has no time and/or little writing skill? Here are three reasons to hire a ghostwriter when writing an eBook.

Perfect for Those Who Stink at Writing: We all have talents in one form or another. Some people are great at one thing and terrible at another. Writing seems to be one of those categories. So, what is an eBook author to do if they know their subject really well but are horrible story tellers? Hire a copywriter! Just as many would not attempt to do brain surgery in a crisis without being a doctor, many eBook authors are better off hiring a professional to complete their piece.

Create a Finished Piece More Quickly: Most freelance writers are able to create a finished product from a basic outline or a listing of research information. Thus, all an eBook author really needs to do is create a rough idea of the message they wish to convey and include a bit of background information. Ghostwriters are trained to take this basic information and turn it into the finished work. In fact, the trained freelance writer can often create an engaging and polished piece faster than the eBook author might possibly be able to do.

More Time to Focus on Marketing Efforts: Many novice eBook authors do not realize the amount of effort it takes in order to have a successful launch. Many hours of social media marketing, talking to potential large name publishers, or navigating self-publishing all take time away from the writing process. By deciding to hire a copywriter, the eBook author can handle many of these tasks while the work is being written. This allows for more energy to be focused solely on marketing efforts.

Still unsure on whether or not it is worth it to use a ghostwriter? If making extra money, saving time, and being able to create social buzz about an eBook before it is released are important to you, the choice should be simple.

Landra Lynn J is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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