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Shooting for the Stars: Writing to the Science Crowd

Shoot for the StarsDo you ever gaze into the sky and imagine what distant planets look like? Does seeing an ant crawl through blades of grass make you visualize the world through its eyes? Science tries to provide answers to these types of questions sparked by curiosity.

Writing about science can be fun. If science forms an integral part of your business, you can use scientific content to feed the need for discovery within your customers. Websites and blogs devoted to science offer a perfect avenue for exploring the unknown and uncovering new ideas hidden for many generations.

Expanding your science writing to new frontiers starts with creating content that embraces the spirit of discovery that gives life to all branches of science.

Spark Curiosity

It’s no secret that many people are curious by nature. They want to know what makes the world around them tick. Your business can play on this natural curiosity through its content offerings. If you run a lab that develops vaccines, for example, you can discuss what is done in a lab to create a vaccine for a flu strain. It offers useful information while, at the same time, offering insight into a scientific process that is a mystery to the average person. People will enjoy reading content that reveals new things to them.

Be Your Own Wiki

Online encyclopedias in the vein of Wikipedia are immensely popular because they contain articles on virtually any topic you can imagine. A science business owner can mimic this pattern on a smaller scale with their own content offerings. Turn your website into a one stop shop for all things related to the science powering your business. Bring aboard freelance science writers who are experts in your industry and turn them loose in creating an informational database your target audience will devour.

Speak Your Audience’s Language

By its nature, science is a highly technical subject. It deals with complex theories and complex terminology. This can be an obstacle when translating these ideas into written form. Your science content should be written with a goal of making information accessible to readers of multiple ages and levels of learning. Many people appreciate it when you speak to them in their own language. It builds enthusiasm for the information you have to offer when it’s easy to understand and digest.

Engage All the Senses

Scientific knowledge envelops all five human senses. People learn through sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. As a business owner, you can find creative ways to make your scientific content engage all the senses. If you do an article on converting wind into sustainable energy, for example, it can discuss the topic by featuring photos, videos and podcasts to make a reader feel enveloped in the whole wind conversion process. Make an effort to share information through visual, verbal and written methods. It will bring a subject to life for your audience much more profoundly than words on a page alone.

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