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Secret Agent Techniques To Find the Hottest Marketing Content For Your Site

hot topics marketing content

When it comes to finding the most relevant and engaging content for your site, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the ever-changing trends on the internet and the needs of the consumer. How do you uncover the hottest topics for your content? Look no further. With these seven ingenious and free tools, you will be able to get insight into the minds of your customers to provide articles they will be inspired to read and share.


Discover Consumer Problems To Be the Superhero

Forums, consumer report sites, and reviews on commerce sites, like Amazon, for example, can provide incredible understanding about what the current obstacles are in your industry. Take note of the top user complaints and offer solutions in your content. Additionally, look out for what people are excited about now and expand on that for your readers, too.

Get the Scoop On Industry Leaders

Check out the sites and social media pages of your biggest competitors and notice which of their articles are getting the most comments, likes, and shares. Look for particular buzzwords associated with the most substantial amount of interactions and find ways to incorporate them into your own article topics, titles, and SEO.

Stakeout on Social Media

Even though it seems like social media has the power to transform ten minutes into two hours, spend a brief time each day checking it out through your customer’s eyes. Searching for Facebook articles with appropriate keywords and browsing through the latest discussions in related LinkedIn groups can provide you with relevant article ideas for your customers.

Don’t Forget Hashtags

Use to search for the latest trending hashtags and statistics pertinent to your industry keywords. You can also see related articles that are currently popular on Twitter that include even more, you guessed it, associated hashtags. Also, checking out the trending hashtags on Twitter’s homepage is a great way to find hashtags to include in your posts and get more eyes viewing your tweets. For example, you can add #WednesdayWisdom in a post with tips for solving your clients’ most significant problems.

Ask Quora

Quora is a community-driven question and answer site. It’s an incredible resource for discovering questions users are asking about practically any topic you can think of. If you register for free, you can select your main topics of interest and get regular emails with queries from Quora users. Current burning questions make excellent ongoing topics for your regularly updated content. Additionally, answering questions on Quora is a great way to share your posts with people who are looking for answers.

Free Intel Websites

There are many free websites that analyze and display data for the most frequent searches and shared content. On BuzzSumo, you can find out the most widely shared articles, view share stats and backlinks, and discover key industry influencers. If you’re a fan of data and charts, then you will fall in love with Answer the Public, a tool that displays aggregated search results in varied chart forms for a wealth of emotion-based ideas and inspiration for articles. And Google Trends remains to be a useful tool for discovering the hottest searches, related queries, and other similar topics for you to incorporate into your latest posts.

Check Out Search Engine Suggestions

Search engine suggestions are saved for last because it’s the least glamorous. However, it still can be a valuable method of idea generation for your articles and business content. Choose a search engine and start typing something into the box like, “How to…,” or, “Find a…,” to see what gets auto-suggested in the drop-down menu, as these are based on terms most frequently search for. Your next article might answer the question that popped up on the drop-down of suggested search engine queries.

These seven free resources are invaluable for getting up-to-date insight into the hottest trends and topics. You don’t necessarily have to be a secret agent to use these tools, though you might feel like one, and get the best ideas for engaging content that your customers will be sure to click on, read, and share.

Dina R is a writer, life coach, and yoga instructor with 10+ years experience writing online business, article, and newsletter content. Articles have been syndicated and featured on MSN Lifestyle. Niche specializations and experience in dating, relationships, yoga, fitness, and healthy living.

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