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Save Your Sanity and Grow Your Business With a Time Budget

56903067One of the main points of becoming a freelance writer is the ability to set your own schedule. So, why do you feel rushed all of the time? You know that you have to create a monetary budget to survive as you pick up one of the freelance writing jobs for beginners. But, how are you at managing your time? By creating a solid time budget, you can grow your business and expand your clientele, without having to sacrifice too much time for earning money.

Track Your Time

If you started out thinking you would just budget your time as you go along, it will not be long before you realize that you must have some sort of a plan. Time, unlike money, clients and old girlfriends, is something you will never get back. The frenzy to get established and start making money is often so enticing that before you know it, you are a dime-a-dozen writer who should be worth much more. Let your limited time be the catalyst to force you to divide your time appropriately. According to Forbes, you should start out keeping careful track of the hours you spend working. Note the time you spend researching and writing, but also reaching out to new contacts, forging new pathways and working on unpaid but relevant activities (especially that new novel).

Get to Work

Depending on your skills and experience at working in freelance writing jobs for beginners, you may spend most of your time writing for money or a lot of time trying to build new relationships with clients. While the former is undoubtedly the one that leads to the greatest immediate benefit, the latter helps you the most in the long run. To be successful (and to avoid starvation), you have to find a balance between the two. Focus on organizing a client base with available work that will fill at least 75 percent of your available time for work.

Build Your Brand

Once you come to expect that you can earn a certain amount of money each day, you will feel like your chipper mood is entirely hinged upon the success of a single day.  However, the way you envision success ought to include the building of your brand, as well as money paid for a hard day’s work. In this business, you will not get paid for the time you spend establishing yourself on a new content platform, pitching topics to existing clients, or even seeking out new customers. It is time well spent, nonetheless.

When you look back on the day, you want to know that you spent most of your time writing for pay. However, you also need time to sell your services to new and higher-paying customers. With the benefit of a time budget, you will boost your income, without abandoning the future in the pursuit of today.

Holly S has a time budget for everything, from writing to yoga and the latest trilogy.

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Freelancer Holly S

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