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Save Money, Build Sales


Competition is fierce for everyone. Business owners need to one-up the competition in the advertising arena in order to keep current customers and reach new customers. You can spend a huge amount of money on advertising campaigns, to include flyers, direct mail, newspaper inserts, and magazine ads. You can also take a more grass-roots approach to advertising. This grass-roots approach can save your business time and money, if handled properly.

Benefits of Social Media

Social media allows you to control the content you post and customize this content to the needs of your business and the interests of your customers. You dictate the content of your posts and the frequency with which they appear on your page. This allows you to control what your customers see; you don’t have to depend on an outside firm to make these decisions for you or trust that they know what they are doing. Most of these sites are free to use, so your advertising budget can be cut greatly. According to SocialMediaToday, you can also reach a larger audience through the use of social media.

Save Money

According to this article, you can save a lot of money by utilizing social media for your business. Most social media sites offer free memberships. You, or a member of your staff, can set up an account for your business, then post something at least once a day. Don’t post too often, so you don’t overwhelm visitors with too much information. Don’t neglect the page either, or visitors will forget about you. Daily postings typically take less than 20 minutes and can be an additional duty for a staff member. No need to hire an expensive marketing firm or add another employee to the payroll. You can hire a sales copywriter or freelancer to help out on a part-time basis. In addition to these savings, you save more money when you aren’t paying fees for printing or costs for paper and other marketing materials. This can be a massive savings for your company.

Reach More People

A recent article by the experts at Forbes states that social media campaigns may provide more benefits to business owners, and help you reach more people than you think. Less people are watching conventional television or listening to regular radio. In addition, fewer people subscribe to a local newspaper. In the past, these places used to be the number one places to market products and services. Nearly everyone has a social media account on at least one social media platform. And most people will share posts that they find interesting; this will get your posts out to individuals that haven’t already “Liked” or fanned your page. Your circle of influence will continue to grow as more people share your posts. This can allow you to reach customers that you may not have otherwise been able to touch. You’ll get your name out there in front of the competition and get customers coming through your doors. This translates to more sales and higher profits.

Maggie O is an active duty member of the United States Air Force, who attempts to keep a freelance writing career afloat in her free time. When she’s not writing or serving her country, she spends her time with her family, her dogs, and her growing empire of Mazda vehicles.

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