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4 Signs It is Time to Revamp Your Existing Content

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Oftentimes, it is easy to think your website is achieving its greatest potential if it is full of pages upon pages of content. Unfortunately, there is a lot more to it than that. Your content needs to act as a key resource for customers and align with your brand. Plus, it must meet the quality standards of all the popular search engines like Google by following SEO best practices to achieve your key performance metrics. If your website doesn’t meet these requirements, then it may be time to revamp your existing content.

In fact, most brands include repurposing or revamping content as part of their overall content marketing strategy. Below, I’ll discuss some of the areas you can take an objective look at to see if it is time to revamp your website content. Once you’re able to make some updates to existing content, you’ll most likely find that your organic traffic increases over time. Here are 4 signs it’s time to revamp your existing content:

1. Your content doesn’t provide value.

When your customers have questions about the products in your industry, they should immediately wonder what your brand has to say about them. If their mind does not go in that direction, your content may not provide the valuable information they need.

Your customers need to see your brand as a partner in their buyer’s journey, providing all the key info needed to make smart purchase decisions. So, as you look at your content, think about what your customers want from your brand. Keep their key questions in mind and check that your content clearly and succinctly answers them all.

If not, then you can likely make huge improvements to your content and increase its value to your customers. Just remember to stay objective. Even though you might like a page that does not mean it offers what your customers need from your brand.

2. Your content doesn’t clearly align with your brand.

Each and every page on your site needs to clearly align with your brand mission, values, and goals. Otherwise, customers who land on that page may simply bounce away, confused about what it has to offer them. If the misaligned page receives a lot of traffic, your brand could be losing potential leads left and right, impacting your bottom line.

For example, no matter how much you adore your dogs, they do not likely need a page on your website — unless they are known ambassadors of your brand, that is. Even though the page is likely to receive a lot of positive attention, its lack of alignment is sure to fail to engage the customers in a meaningful way. They may ooh and ahh for a moment, then continue searching for the information they needed when they landed on that page. Perhaps even looking toward your competitors if your site fails to deliver.

3. Some of your content may be of dubious quality.

When it comes to engaging with your customers and achieving high search engine rankings, quality definitely matters. To start, your content needs to be free of typos and grammar mistakes to make the best impression on your customers and search engines alike.

And even though you are trying to impress search engines like Google, or at least avoid their penalties, you need to make sure that all of your content aligns with your target audience and their needs. The content should respond to customer pain points and offer information that will benefit them on their buyer’s journey. If they find value in your content and can easily read through the info, then you are definitely on the right track.

You can go one step further by ensuring all your content is well-researched and backed up by credible links. Also, make sure that you have added interesting and relevant images or infographics, organized the sections with scannable subheads, and provided a clear call-to-action on every page. Beyond that, verify that your content is more robust and informative than your competitors’, which serves to position you as a thought leader in your industry.

4. Your website pages or blog posts aren’t performing well.

For a truly objective look at how your content is doing, review your website performance analytics. You can look at a number of key performance indicators, or KPIs, to assess the value of your content.

You may want to start with the bounce rate, as that lets you know what percentage of people glanced at one page on your site, and then left. Here are a few ways to decrease bounce rate:

  • Make sure that the title of your website page or blog content aligns with what the content is actually about.
  • Write longer blog posts that include more researched information that your target audience will find valuable.
  • Vary each piece of content by using visual elements like videos and infographics to make the information more useful and interesting.

Another metric you can look at is the number of visitors. This important KPI lets you know how many people are visiting your website, and it can be broken down into net new visitors and returning visitors. You can also look at the sources for your visitors. For instance, are visitors coming from the search engine or social media channels?

You should also explore the average time on page metric, which indicates how long your visitors browse your content. The longer the better, of course, as that shows your content is engaging and informative enough to keep their attention, which is no easy feat.

As you find pages and posts that are not performing as well as you would like, you can work to revamp these existing pages. To understand what changes to make, you can use the existing content that performs well as a guide or even look toward your competitors for inspiration.

Need Help Revamping Your Content?

If you want to try revamping or repurposing your content, you’re going to need a skilled writer who understands what quality content looks like and can make tweaks to old content aimed at boosting the conversion rate. The team at Writer Access is here to help! We’ve got hundreds of expert freelance writers who have the skills needed to create excellent content time and time again. You can come to us for all the web pages, blog posts, and other writing assets needed to help your brand excel now and in the future.

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