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“Regifting” Your Content For Wider Distribution

536944221If you’ve been working on your content for a while, chances are you’ve managed to build up quite a library of helpful guides and explanations for your target audience. If you’d like to branch out, strapping rocket engines to that already-written content takes little more than a good copywriter and a ‘destination’, such as online publishers, to land the newly-revamped content.

Changing Content

Rewriting articles, posts and even updates is a common way to get great mileage out of informative content, especially if it’s destined for different platforms. Your customers won’t want to read the same rehashed article over and over, but techniques like folding some topical points into a rewritten article about a seasonal event works well. Chances are, your readers won’t remember last year’s, or will at least appreciate the reminder even if they do.

Changing Format

Three “Things to Avoid” style articles about your product or industry can easily transform into a white paper about the Top (X) Ways to Avoid Problems with (X). Once created, this white paper or mini e-book can be spread to multiple online publishers as well as used for “bait” in follow-up email campaigns to rein in potentials that have wandered afield.

List articles that have subheadings, such as the one you’re reading right now, are easy to transfer into a video script for a YouTube video. This type of media change is beneficial for a number of reasons – the audio itself can be isolated and offered on e-book sites as an audiobook, the video script itself can be turned into closed captioning for the hearing impaired, and the video itself can be used as a value-added “free download” as opposed to placing it on YouTube or a similar public site.

Inbound Attention For Higher Readership

Each piece of content you already have posted on your blog or company site is a rich platform for directing curious searchers and highlighting all of your various products and services. Your writing team may only need to add a line or two to call out a newer post or a sale on a discontinued item mentioned in your already-written content. Encourage all of your content creation team to make judicious use of internal linking, and any external marketing teams to steer new viewers to your content through QR codes, public comments and social sharing functions. No article should be an island, so keep your readers engaged on the page by offering them the next article in a series, or a short video for more information.

While you will inevitably need some new content in the future, the content you currently have is ripe and ready for a little sprucing up and redistributing. Look into online publishers, click through your site as a visitor and record your impressions on engagement, and tinker with content-steering angles until your bounce rate takes a nose dive. Your content is the voice of your business, and strengthening it strengthens your brand image in turn.

Delany M is a freelance writer available for projects at WriterAccess.

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