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Refining Your Ghostwriting Voice

Ghostwriters act as a conduit, translating each client’s thoughts into words on paper and on screen. Working as a ghostwriter requires you to go through this process on multiple topics for multiple clients. From short press releases to books, you are expected to create a document that reflects their voice as if they penned those words.

Being an effective ghostwriter starts with refining your voice to match the expectations of your client. Successful ghostwriting services deliver content that matches a client’s vision. There are a few ways you can refine your voice to serve a spectrum of clients.

Put Your Client First

As a ghostwriter, you are working for your client, so creating a long-term business relationship should be your top priority. Before you take on a client, understand that what you do as a ghostwriter must correlate with their content needs. If you fail to meet their needs, it can harm your business. Your writing should always be adaptable to their preferred style and voice. Take the time to fully assess their needs and discuss how it fits into the services you offer.

Give Your Client a Voice

Many writers are used to figuring things out on their own — but that is not always the best approach to take when ghostwriting. You need to make an effort to stay on the same page as your client at all times. Do not make the mistake of closing your mind to ideas they might bring to the table. Your clients can offer an approach or angle you may not have considered. Sometimes, you can brainstorm and find ways to develop content that is more effective than what you developed on your own. What you write is only as good as the ideas that inspired those words. Be open to receiving inspiration from every source – especially your client.

Draw on Your Experience

Providing successful ghostwriting services does not dictate an exclusive focus on writing. Apply your knowledge and experience in other areas where you believe you can serve clients. If you have a background in editing or proofreading, those skills can work into your overall business strategy. Make a note of things you enjoy doing and have experience doing and work them into a package for your client. It can be a shrewd way to boost your value in a client’s eyes. They may call on your expertise for more than just writing projects.

Market Your Talents

Acquiring basic marketing skills is a smart idea if you want to work as a ghostwriter. You can’t expect to build up a roster of long-term clients if you don’t know how to get your name out there. Clients can tell when a ghostwriter knows what he or she is doing. So build a professional website … stay on top of social media … and gear your online activity to effectively promote your brand. When you offer evidence you can handle your own marketing, clients will feel more confident you can do the same for them.

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