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Putting the Sizzle in Social Media Posts


Words, they’re everywhere. We can’t escape them from the time we get up and read the newspaper to logging in to check our email. In many ways, we take words for granted. We speak them, hear them, text, and write them every day. They’re always “available.”

The Internet is abuzz with words, words, and more words, day in and day out, all around the world. Before entering the realm of “surfing the net,” visitors must prepare for a barrage of “in their face information,” coming from every angle.

Visit any social media site and the words, graphics, pictures, personal and business posts, advertisements, videos, and games create a visual smorgasbord. Looking at one of these pages is enough to make your head spin. Trying to cipher some of the jargon is next to impossible if you’re not up-to-date on the latest slang, text phrases, or the urban dictionary.

It could be said that words on social media are an example of “too much of a good thing.” However, if you have a business with an online presence and want to create your own fast lane to your website, tapping into the power of words on social media is one of the best routes for getting there.

Is Social Media Really for Me?

As a business owner, you may be asking yourself this question. If your goal is to tap into millions of readers, then yes, social media is a viable option.

The downside is if you don’t know a Facebook post from a Tweet, that LinkedIn doesn’t mean you’re magically connected to the Internet, or understand Google+ isn’t a grade given out by the search engine, you’re social media debut will be a flop.

What to Do

The answer is simple. You hire writers who know their stuff. This means hiring writers who have the expertise to create a sizzling post with a creative hook to snag inquisitive readers from the vast online reader pool. Here are a just few basic reasons to hire writers if you want more traffic visiting your website:

  • Freelance writers have their finger on the pulse of the Internet, every day.
  • Staying up-to-date on information, news, products, and more, are an important part of their freelance business.
  • Research is standard operating procedure for any writer. Through thorough research, you’ll get an informative post designed specifically for your service or product.
  • Whatever “voice” you want conveyed — professional, to the point, quirky, tongue-in-cheek, sassy, off-the-wall, etc. — when you hire writers, you get all of these voices combined with creative posts designed to draw in the reader.
  • Savvy freelance writers with social media experience know how to get the maximum leverage out of a few words and a hash tag.

Whether a reader is following the latest Tweet about guerrilla marketing or clicking a Facebook link to a handyman home remodeling website, when you hire writers to create likeable and linkable posts, your business becomes part of the ever-expanding social media buffet.

Vickie F considers herself an old rocker with a lot of heart. Her personal motto is “roads less traveled lead to adventure.” With years of life experience to draw from, Vickie brings her knowledge, wit, creativity, and professionalism to the freelance writing world, which is an adventure unto itself.

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By WriterAccess

Freelancer Vickie F

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