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Professional Auto Writers Speak the Illusive Millennial Language


The future of the automotive industry has been looking more and more dismal due to sliding sales numbers among the Millennial generation. According to an report on millennial consumers, “From 2007 to 2011, the share of sales to car buyers aged 18 to 34 fell nearly 30 percent.” While there may be several reasons for this decline in sales, one of the major reasons is because the automotive industry is failing to speak the language of the Millennials.

Characteristics of a Millennial

In order to be successful at selling to any audience, you must understand the members. Born between 1980 and 1998, Millennials grew up attached to computers and find communicating on them as natural as walking. Despite two economic recessions, the Millennial generation is projected to be the wealthiest generation in history with an income of $3.4 trillion by 2018. This projection is partly based on the fact that Millennials have the highest college attendance of any generation, which positions them to earn higher incomes. Although the Millennial generation has a wealth of qualified buyers, the automotive industry has yet to effectively communicate clearly with the generation and play the game on their terms.

The Millennial Game Changer

Labeled as “game changers” in the auto industry, Millennials are expected to account for 75% of the vehicles purchased by 2025. Despite these undeniable trends, many car dealers are failing to cater to the expectations and necessary online requirements to do business with this generation. While Millennials still visit dealerships, they are equally comfortable with online shopping. Because of this characteristic, dealers who have a strong social media presence and are able to provide beneficial, engaging, and fresh content through professional auto writers are much more likely to have an impact on Millennials.

Shifting Gears in the Automotive Industry

With a staggering 90% of all car purchases beginning online, consumers visit an average of 18 different sites before making a purchasing decision. However, Millennials take this trend a few steps farther and visit on average of 25 car sites before making a purchasing decision. During this time, Millennials are searching for one thing, which is superior information. In order to truly tap into the gargantuan wealth of the Millennial generation, automotive dealers must use professional auto writers to create lucrative and compelling content.

How Can Professional Auto Writers Help?

According to a ZipCar study, a staggering 84% of Millennials between the ages 18-34 state car ownership is thwarted by the high cost of gas, maintenance, and parking. If you are looking to tap into the wealth of the Millennial generation, you must start by offering content based on their interests. Based on ZipCar’s study, a professional auto writer would attract Millennials with titles such as:

  • The Importance of Your Vehicle’s Regularly Scheduled Maintenance
  • The Best Hybrids for Saving on the Cost of Gas
  • What Factors Influence Gas Prices
  • The Best Free Maintenance Plans in the Country
  • How to Avoid the Cost of Automotive Maintenance
  • 10 Benefits of Car Pooling
  • Pretty Soon You Can Drink Your Own Gas…Sorta

Elliott C enjoys writing all things automotive, after multiple years in the automotive industry in both sales and F&I management. Most of all, he enjoys following new technological trends in the industry.

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