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Picking a Freelancer: What am I Paying For?

what are you paying for with freelancers

Here at WriterAccess, there are several writer levels. What are you paying for? Why should you pay more for a Level 6 writer than a Level 2 writer?

Writers are first judged by our abilities when we first start the platform and have the opportunity to move up over time with successful assignments. While we all start out on lower levels, there are many reasons the higher ranking writers who have proven their abilities might be more worth your time and money.

Writing Abilities

Probably the most obvious thing you are paying for is the writing abilities of your writers. You can usually check out writing samples to get a little bit of a feel for the abilities of the writer you are considering. There is a big difference between writing abilities and style or preference. Most skilled writers are going to be able to change up the voice, subject or style to match what you need. But the level of creativity and fluidity is going to vary by writer. So, don’t get stuck on style, but see if the information seems original, valuable and easy to read.

Technical Accuracy

Spelling and grammar are going to be important for any professional project. The writer you choose has to have a solid grasp of the English language in order to provide you with work that isn’t full of mistakes. Keep in mind, there are a lot of stylistic preferences that aren’t technically correct or incorrect. So, when it comes to writing, don’t confuse your preferences with technical accuracy or industry standards. We are professionals, but we’re also humans. So, while occasional mistakes may happen (something we strive to avoid), the preferences are something we have to learn from you. This means that you want to find a writer who doesn’t make technical mistakes, but is flexible in style, voice and approach to best fit your brand.

Ghostwriting Experience

It takes a special kind of writer to be able to work with a client and product brand-specific content. Freelance content writers have to be able to take a set of instructions and create unique content that works with the voice and direction of the brand. The content writer needs to be able to match the voice of your brand and appeal to your target audience. Sometimes this partnership is a natural fit and sometimes this takes a little bit of work to get nailed down, but a seasoned ghost writer will typically have an easier time getting it right for you.

Industry Knowledge

Some freelance writers have worked in the “real world” industry they are writing about. Personally, I’ve written about everything from veterinarian topics to product descriptions for office furniture, but my real world experience is in graphic design, art, marketing and group fitness. So, you may pay more for an expert in your industry, or you might trust someone in another field to still get you great content with quality research. If you need someone who knows in the in-depth details of your industry, then you may pay more to get an expert in your corner.


Freelancers deal with very flexible and fluid schedules. If you want a good freelancer, you will have to pay enough to be on the schedule. If your freelancer has a full load, he or she may not be able to squeeze you in unless you are paying their going rate. A freelancer is also going to be quicker to respond and meet your timing needs if you are one of their best-paying customers. Not all of our clients are equal and we often go above and beyond to keep our best clients happy.


You get unlimited revisions here at WriterAccess, but you are going to have a much happier writer if this isn’t cutting drastically into their hourly rate. Remember that your writer is in the business of earning money, too. If you want to nitpick to get articles just right, that is your prerogative—but a good freelancer isn’t going to be thrilled with a lot of revisions every time unless you are paying more per word to make the effort worth it.

So, whether you are choosing a writer here or hiring a freelancer on your own, remember you are getting what you pay for. If you want a great writer who is easy to work with and gets you great content, you will need to pay on the higher end of the freelance writer scale.

Choose your freelancer and pay them what they are worth. Together we can make a great partnership that will build your brand, reputation and online presence.


Alethea M graduated from the University of Saint Francis in 2009 with a B.A., double-majoring in Communication Arts and Graphic Design and double-focusing in Illustration and Computer Arts. She photographed the Saint Francis football team for a paid work study all four years she spent at the school. Immediately after graduating, she got a job at a non-profit company teaching art to young children and running their art program. She moved on to work as a copywriter and graphic designer for another non-profit company in Indiana as a Marketing Assistant for two years. She now spends her time as a wife, mother, freelance writer, and photographer.


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