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Part Time Jobs for Writers and Other Ways to Pursue Supplemental Income


When you first start writing professionally, it’s not easy to make a living at it. It takes time to build up a list of clients and learn the ropes so that you can justify taking higher fees. In the early days, you put in more work for less money.

Later on, you’ll find that you’re probably working shorter days than you have at any job you’ve had in the past, and right when you’re really amped up to get some more work done, you’re all out of assignments for the day.

One of the most productive ways to channel that energy and fill that downtime is to take on a part time job. Here are a few part time jobs for writers that may suit your needs, allowing you to maintain your flexible schedule and make a little money on the side without having to fully commit to a whole new career.

Take on Some Restaurant Work

If you’ve never worked in a kitchen before, know this: it can be stressful. But, in exchange for the labor you put in, you earn not only a paycheck, but a real, practical education in the culinary arts. Working the grill three evenings a week at a local diner can be a fun way to learn how to fry an egg like nobody’s business.

Thrift Store Salvage

Take your phone with you, head to the nearest thrift store, and scout around for board games, rare t-shirts, first edition books, and things of that nature that might fetch a pretty penny on eBay. This would be a ridiculous way to try and pay your rent but, as a way to earn a few bucks on the side, you get to spend every afternoon pretending you’re Indiana Jones.

More Writing

A lot of people who would like to become writers never bother. They don’t have the time to pursue it as a hobby, and they’re not interested in doing freelance writing. As a professional with some serious experience at the keyboard, you have an edge if you want to try writing a novel or short stories or submitting spec articles to various magazines.

Fiverr and Craigslist

Scout Craigslist for odd jobs or offer some services on freelancing sites like Fiverr. The rates you earn on Fiverr are usually too meager to make a real living off of but, if you want to earn a few dollars here and there doing caricatures on the side, Fiverr is a fun way to add some supplemental income to your writing.

The best thing about these side gigs? You can quit any time you want. The lower commitment demands of these jobs, and the fact that you’re only pursuing them after you’ve paid the bills and put food on the table, means that they’re basically paid hobbies. When you’ve already got your basic needs covered, you get to pursue jobs that look like fun without much concern for how much they pay.

Gilbert S lives in New Mexico with his wife and two cats. When he’s not writing, you can find him doing odd jobs for neighbors at ten bucks an hour.

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