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Old School Is the New School: Professional Writers for Your Newsletter

Are Newsletters Still Important?Connecting with your customers and communicating on a regular basis is important to the stability of any company. No matter how mundane or simple your business, frequent and consistent contact keeps you in the forefront of your clients’ minds, encourages leads and keeps your competitors at bay.

Old School Newsletters: Out of Style?

According to a recent article published by Forbes, e-newsletters are the secret to success. Michael Katz is a marketing consultant who distributes a bi-weekly email newsletter that has grown to reach 7,500 subscribers. He says:

I’ve been waiting for newsletters to stop working for about 10 years, since they stopped being the latest thing. The fact is, when it comes to staying visible, over and over again, in a way that positions you as a likeable expert, newsletters are the only home run I’ve ever found for the professional service provider. The trendy term for this today is ‘content marketing,’ but it’s the same thing I’ve been doing since 1999.

Size Matters

According to Curata in their “Curation Habits Report 2012,” the click-through rate for articles is directly based on the length of the articles. Like Goldilocks examining the goods of the Three Bears, not too big and not too small were a requirement. Articles that were 150-1,200 characters in length got better clicks than not enough information (9% more click-throughs than short snippits) or way too much (106% more click-throughs than longer articles).

The Process of It All

Michael Katz strongly believes in a e-newsletter being sent at least monthly. The audience must also connect with your articles—Katz explains there is already a lot of information out there making everyone look qualified, so a true connection is what will set you apart. Producing an e-newsletter may seem oldschool, but if it works, it works.

Remember Your Audience

Of course you won’t forget them, but you might easily forget that each story is for them and not to them. Content Marketing is a popular theme in the business world today, simply providing the customers with value and insight rather than self-serving advertisements and dull filler content.

The Difference of Professional Writers Will Make

Remember as a child when you would try to get up from the table with a plate, silverware and your glass? And how, without fail, your mother or father would remind you that you can’t do it all? Well, the same applies to your business—you can’t do everything without making a mess. Your plate is full, so delegate the task of writing your articles to an employee or group of professional writers who can make sure the content is worthy of having your brand attached to it.

Freelance professionals can brainstorm with you, provide article ideas that appeal to your audience and write expert articles. Do it all yourself and you will end up with a half-baked newsletter. Hire a content writer who will create a professional business content for your customers.

Not Going Anywhere

E-newsletters are far from old school. They are sticking around and businesses would be wise to learn successful tactics and start sending them out. Newsletters can be sent to clients, potential customers or staff. They are a way to get everyone on board. Use email to the advantage of your business.

Alethea M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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