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Off to the Races with Your Press Release


Long gone are the days when a lone newspaper boy stood on a street corner, papers in hand, calling out, “Extra, extra!  Read all about it!”  When today’s companies have exciting news, they often partner with a press release writing service to get the word out.  When you need a press release, time is of the essence!  How do you get a stunning press release the first time around?

Information, Information, and More Information

Your freelance press release writer is likely not an expert on your business, but with the correct information can get up to speed quickly.  Provide the writer with as much relevant information about the product as possible.  Websites, reports, former press releases are all helpful sources of background information.

The Five W’s: Journalism 101

Don’t overlook the super simple details either. Remember, an expertly crafted press release will sound like a professionally written news story. Information that answers the “Five W’s” (who, what, where, when, and why) will add critical detail to your press release and give it a journalistic quality from the start.  Don’t omit your own contact information either. A reporter following up on your stunning press release doesn’t have time to hunt for you.  Include up-to-date contact information including social media channels such as Twitter that you regularly monitor.  Providing this information to the writer in advance will save time in writer research and later revisions. 

What Makes Your Product or Event Newsworthy?

If your readers remember only one fact, feature, or benefit, what would you want it to be? If you leave it to the writer’s imagination or crystal ball, he or she might miss the target the first time around and result in time consuming revisions. Provide that crucial information to your writer and he or she will expertly weave that information into the press release.

Optimize SEO Keywords

Most press release information is destined for the Web in some way, shape, or form.  Even if you provide the release to a local newspaper or news station, it’s likely that they will eventually publish the story online providing you with a worldwide audience.  Providing a few optimal SEO keywords to the author will increase the chances that news outlets will pick up on those as well.

Provide Quotes from Authoritative Figures

Press releases come to life with real quotes from real people. CBS News recommends that a quote be “memorable and personable.” This is great advice, whether the quote is from your CEO or a valued customer.  Keep in mind that quotes should be conversational, attention grabbing, and crisp.


Janet A is a middle school teacher by day, freelance writer by night.  She enjoys writing informative press releases and blog posts for an adult audience in between grading never ending sets of student papers.

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