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Need a Great Freelancer? Tips for Picking (and Keeping) a Writer

You can’t be all things to all people, so why try? Do what you do well and then hire others to add value with what they do best.

Content writers keep your business ideas flowing and your influence increasing without taking a lot of your time. Most presidents hire speechwriters. Many of the great Renaissance artists, like Michelangelo, used apprentices to paint for them and do much of the busywork so they could focus on the details that made them the masters. It’s much the same with today’s marketing expectations. Content is everything. Quality content has to be produced regularly and cover a wide number of keywords to get your site in front of the people who have a need for the products or services you offer. So how do you find great content writers?

How to Hire Good Freelancers for Your Blog

A freelancer works as a contractor. Most writers may start at a lower level, but as they hone their skills and really get experience writing for clients, they are going to expect a rate that keeps them around. You’ve heard the adage, “You get what you pay for.” In this case, it’s somewhat true. Content writers get the freedom to write from home with a flexible schedule, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking about their hourly earnings too. You want to find a rate that entices great writers, yet gives you a good deal as well. Typically, you can save money with content writers by going through a site like WriterAccess. Most independent writers raise their rates because they are out of the “content mill.”

Be Realistic About Your Writing Workload

Your rate should have something to do with the quality you expect as well as the work you want done. If you are asking a writer to search for pictures, brainstorm ideas, or do extended research, you should increase the pay. Remember, many writers have a queue and aren’t going to want you taking up a space if you aren’t ready to pay their worth. While you can pay level 5 or 6 rates for a great professional writer, some clients increase the price per word because they know they are asking the writer to do more work than the average client.

Find the Right Content Writer

On a site like WriterAccess, you are able to view writers’ profiles and check out samples of their writing. If you query writers, they can likely respond with what they typically charge for the kind of work you are wanting and may even be able to give examples of the work they’ve done for similar content. Most ghostwriters don’t get a lot of bylines, so writers will likely be limited in how many examples they have. We aren’t allowed to give out links for much of the content we’ve written because ghostwriters believe in protecting client confidentiality. In other words, the content is yours, and we would never put you on blast for hiring a writer instead of producing it in-house.

The Right Freelance Writer Is Out There

Remember, not all writers are the same. There are a lot of amazing writers with talent and experience picking up jobs all the time here at WriterAccess. You can send assignments directly to the ones you want by building a customized Love List or sending out Solo orders. But that doesn’t mean you will always find the perfect fit right away. Sometimes you have to work a bit to help your writer find the voice and approach you are wanting. But, sometimes you might just feel the fit isn’t right. In that case, wrap up the assignment and choose another writer for the next one.

Your professional writer can help you build your site with content that engages your audience, increases traffic, boosts SEO and proves your brand authority. Find the right writer so you can spend your time doing those things you do best. Keep your writer around by offering clear communication, respect and professionalism. Check out WriterAccess today to see all of the fantastic writers you can choose from for your blog!

Alethea M graduated from the University of Saint Francis in 2009 with a B.A., double-majoring in Communication Arts and Graphic Design and double-focusing in Illustration and Computer Arts. She photographed the Saint Francis football team for a paid work study all four years she spent at the school. Immediately after graduating, she got a job at a non-profit company teaching art to young children and running their art program. She moved on to work as a copywriter and graphic designer for another non-profit company in Indiana as a Marketing Assistant for two years. She now spends her time as a wife, mother, freelance writer, and photographer.


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