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Move Beyond the Main Page with Your Copywriting Magic

magicIn the beginning websites were once so simple. You had an About Us page, a main page, and maybe a page for a blog. Commerce sites tacked on a shopping page, but every business site was vanilla. Then we entered the world of websites that resemble all sorts of desserts from mini cupcakes via mobile sites to banana split websites that give you a taste of five varieties of sweet treats. The more the merrier. Think heavy doses of sprinkles in the form of flash. Visual and auditory explosions in terms of video and audio upon “Entering” a site. Now websites have come full circle, and minimalism is the soup de jure. Back to basics, less is more, keep it clean, people. For someone writing content, this latest update in web fashion creates a new challenge in whipping out sweet verbiage.

Beyond Blogging

Regular blog posting builds content like daily desserts swell thighs to thunderous proportions. That’s great. However, if you are only posting content in the form of blogging, you need to exercise your options. Sashay SEO throughout your site by looking at different ways to incorporate words in your webpages. After all, content is the cherry on top of any website. That cherry is the first thing consumed when digging into the goodness of a website. Plus, Google loves cherries, and dismisses sites without plump juicy fruit that streamlines the search process. Don’t forget your cherries. Here’s how:

  • Post transcriptions alongside video or audio content, i.e. podcasts or how-to programs.
  • Include well-written, cherry-rich content in privacy policies and product guarantees.
  • Remember to focus content in headlines, subheadings, and photo captions, those areas serving as the whipped cream of your website sundaes.
  • Correct your contact page to include content in the form of quick link questions and localized SEO-strong phrases.
  • Set up a terms of use page to protect your rights, and boost your sweet SEO material.

Lickable Links

Beyond the content you are creating directly for your website, consider what sort of content is getting linked to your site. Do you currently link your up-to-date Twitter feed and Facebook comments to your website? How much of the content coming through those links are lickable? One way to help bring in better content is to create Tweets and Facebook posts yourself and have those post back onto your website. Here’s your chance to double dip in the ice cream of content. Post SEO friendly and localized content onto your social media, so that gives you extra goodies for Google to grab. One exception here is Amazon reviews. If you have Amazon reviews posting on your website, do not dabble in the content. That would sour your site in the eyes of potential customers who can tell a sugar-free substitute from the real deal with ease.

The more places you can create delicious treats for your web viewers and crawlers to goggle up, the better, even in the minimalist world of the web we now have.


miranda bMiranda B is a foodie and writer, and loves to mix the two passions whenever she can to inspire the tummies and minds of readers.


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