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Meet Grammar Moses, Your Favorite Comic Villain You’ve Never Heard Of

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Now that the Avengers movie that everyone’s been waiting on…since half of the whole comic character base was killed off in the first one…I’ve got a Marvel character I bet you haven’t heard of. Under the guise of Grammar Moses, you have one of the least known about, albeit coolest characters in a comic book to date. Check out this supersized villain…that’s right, Grammar Moses is not your typical ‘grammar’.

Get Your Grammar Moses

Grammar Moses is a supervillain. However, she didn’t start that way. Like all book lovers who worm their way into literary careers, Grammar Moses was set on being an English teacher. Problem? No one would hire the sweet yet sassy supervillain. Just like no one has probably read the one issue starring this most awesome of supervillains.

To clarify, you can find Grammar Moses in the Madballs comic book. This was a project by Marvel Comics via the side project, Star Comics. The Madballs comic was in print from 1986 to 1988. And as for the Madballs concept, these are actual mad balls that were exposed to toxins and mutated…like all good villains do. These toxins were the result of Dr. Frankenbeans who is all about those mad balls.

In fact, the general public loved the Madballs series. Along with the first and second series, Star Comics started up the Super Madballs series. However, even with the punny Grammar Moses at the masthead, the comic only ran for 10 issues. Fortunately, that’s all we needed to get Grammar Moses.

What Grammar Moses Teaches Us

For starters, don’t quit writing. What if we only got nine issues leaving Grammar Moses kicking the creative dust? Here is where you can instead kick yourself in the writer’s tail and keep on putting out the content. Be your own Grammar Moses and pump out the verbiage. Leave your fictional madballs by the names of Testy Time Sucker and Sleepy Sloth Fingers to the wayside.


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