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Maximizing Blog Post Quality and Quantity with Blog Writers

Blog Post Quality and QuantityThe idea of being a financially independent blogger is amazingly trendy these days. A lot of people start out with the idea that they are going to corner a niche market and rake in millions of dollars in ad revenue, but the reality is that the market is a really over-saturated with average and sub-average blogs. It’s a real bloodbath down in the trenches, and that is not going to change anytime soon.

How do you survive the mass competition? You elevate your blog to the next level. That means leaving behind the fierce competition between average bloggers. Your focus is on building readership through quality topics, that are keyword rich, and targeted to specific readers. Top blog earners usually have more than one blog that serve independent niche readers. Imagine spending every day trying to write blog content for six blogs. That is what it takes some time to earn a living as a blogger.

Just Keep Typing

Nobody in their right or left mind would be able to write quality content for six blogs and produce the volume needed to appeal to readers. The ability to produce 30-42 fresh, snappy blog posts a week is not a skill that has a long life cycle unless you are a professional blog writer. In which case you earn your living by producing blogs, not from ad revenue. So how do top bloggers get to the next level? Many hire blog writers to produce content. While that sounds like cheating, it’s really not.

Use All of the Tools Available to You

The idea of a voice is powerful, but it is really difficult to take a blog and give it depth in a short period of time. This is why we see guest bloggers used so often—it gives the blog author a break and allows a different voice to be inserted into the volume of work that a blog is. Those different voices work well to channel your readers into the good vibe of your blog. Using different writers to help create your own work is brilliant. It gives your blog spirit, and a multidimensional tone that lifts up a blog. Happy readers, just keep reading… That is the gift that a blog writer can bring to your blog.

That is not to say that you are free of writing blogs. If you consider the amount of keyword research and other factors that go into creating a successful blog, then you come to the realization that writing a skeletal frame for your blog idea is the easy part. That is exactly what a blog writer does. They write the basic article based on your keywords, and then all you have to do is add a dash of yourself to the piece and call it a blog. There is an efficiency that is created when you utilize a professional writer to help populate your blogs. That efficiency is what allows you to have the energy and mental stamina to move your blog to the next level.

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