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How We Made the Inc. 5000 List 


We made the Inc. 5000 for the fourth year in a row!
How did we do it? We thought you’d like to know.

We keep things fresh with delightful surprise.
Like mailing my books to customers, to make them wise.

Spectacular failure also figures into our growth.
Like launching translation service, a ship that has yet to float.

We’re always asking our customers what they most need,
And rolling out new software and solutions at lightning speed.

And crunching the big data to find the winning patterns that perform,
So we can personalize outreach at scale, making that the new norm.

But there’s one big reason our 25,000 customers keep coming back:
Our talent pool is simply amazing. They keep us on the accelerated growth track.

Thanks to all our customers that keep the orders going.
And thanks to our talent, who keep the great content flowing.

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