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Freelance article writers have a hard time creating content that “lifts off the page.” Truly, what does that even mean? It sounds more like something that a graphic artist would do. One of the problems for writers is that each client has a different audience and without knowing your audience, it’s difficult to create content that lifts off the page. By default, the best situation would be the creation of content that is attractive in a general sense of the word “people.”

The Fix

Clients need to know who their audience is. They need to know what type of content is the most potent within their audience. There is software available, such as, that allows you to implant tracking pixels and then collects data that you can analyze. There are other software brands available too. The importance of these types of software is that they allow you to monitor in real time what your posts are doing. These programs allow you to see what is working and what is not. Then you can apply a fix immediately. These tools allow you to focus the attention of your freelance article writers onto content creation that works with your audience.

Tools for Increasing Shares and Likes

There is a lot of data available now that indicates that sharing is far more powerful in social media than the like button. A good tip would be to focus on content that your audience shares while blending filler content that is “liked” by your audience. A good resource is, which studies the way that people use social media. In their 2011 report, they show that the average adult on Facebook has 229 friends and that, when you can get people to share your content, you have the potential to reach tens of thousands. A recent article posted by Marketer Martin Lieberman also imparts some keen knowledge with tips that can be adapted to both clients and writers for the creation of content that readers will share.

Getting There

If you focus on the term “making the content lift off the page” and apply some of the knowledge  specific to your audience, then you begin to see that generalized content is only going to get you so far. The key to knowing your audience and understanding what they like is using software that collects marketing data. With that data, you can empower your freelance article writers to deliver content that creates a connection with your audience. That may mean content that is designed to stimulate conversations, that is humorous, or that is just plain helpful to those who read your posts. For writers, understanding some of these tips can also help you please clients. Creating great content that social users want to share is a two-way street. The roadmap to doing such is below.

Resources and Free Tools for Creating Infographics

If your article is full of data, a great tip is to make the data user-friendly by using it in an infographic. What is even better than user-friendly data? Free software is better because it helps you make beautiful, artful, and sharable infographics These tools are awesome and you can share the infograph as part of your social media campaign too. Be sure to include a tracking pixel or tracking link so that you are collecting data on your photographs, infographics, and other types of graphics too. There is a long list of free infographic software available. Some platforms allow you to upload pictures or to use templates. Here are two of my favorite platforms:

Piktochart – Free infographic software -Free software for creating infographic content

David S is a freelance article writer who specializes in informative articles about travel, outdoor living, nature, and investing. He recently celebrated his fifth year as a full-time freelance writer and could not be happier.

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