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Let’s Get Visual


Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words. Images give a message greater impact than a page filled with text. That’s one reason why infographics have become such a popular marketing tool for small business owners. An infographic combines just the right amount of text with an interesting or unique image to effectively share a brand message.

Learning how to create good infographics should be as much of a priority with copywriters for hire as crafting a blog post or white paper. An infographic is perfect for helping small business owners pander to the visual learners who dominate the Internet.

What is the secret to creating a winning infographic?

Start with a bang

It isn’t too dramatic to say the title you choose has the power to make or break your inforgraphic. A good title sticks in a person’s brain as soon as their eyes see the words. It stimulates their curiosity and compels them to keep reading. If a title is boring, it is a little bit like an anchor on a ship in shallow waters. The ideas contained in the remainder of the infographic are restrained from going anywhere.

Leap off the page

Infographics are driven by their visual appeal. They offer bite sized morsels of information wrapped around images that give life to the ideas behind words on the page. Colors and graphics should flow with the text and draw you into the infographic. Whether you opt for a pie chart or a bar graph, design the data to stand out on the screen so a reader’s eyes are drawn to the most important information first.

Tell a story

If you compare writing to dining out, infographics are the equivalent to going through the drive-thru window at a burger joint. Everything about an infographic is designed to be a quick read. It is a visual medium that uses words sparingly to get the point across. Images used in an infographic should immediately tell a story. Only use enough words to reinforce the ideas your reader will see in images. Writers who are skilled at creating infographics have a knack for getting the most out of the words and sentences they choose.

Trust your insights

Creating an infographic isn’t about rattling off data at the speed of light. It’s up to you to put it all into context. Information should offer real value to your target audience. In other words, why should they care? What’s in it for them? Show how ideas and information you share apply to their situation. This will enhance the chances your infographic will be exposed to a greater number of eyeballs. When content has tangible value, it always ranks higher in search engine results.

John C is a professional writer and editor who has written articles and blog posts dozens of websites and publications for more than a decade. His current goal this summer is to branch out into the exciting world of fiction writing.


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