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June Roundup: Writing to Go Viral, Reach Farmers and More

Scott B is a 4-Star writer at WriterAccess
Scott B is a 4-Star writer at WriterAccess

The experienced and talented team of content creators at WriterAccess shed light on a wide range of content marketing topics in June. On the blog, they covered everything from creating content for specific audiences to going viral. Some highlights included a comparison between Donald Trump and digital content, a look at business profiles, and a post on how to draft content that “farmers will dig.” Here’s everything we had on the WriterAccess blog in June.

9 Tips for Moderating Panels That Wow Attendees by Byron White

Byron White, CEO of WriterAccess, kicked off the month with a killer piece on moderating conferences. If you’re ever stuck in the precarious position of managing a panel, you’ll want to remember to do lots of prep work beforehand and keep responses short during the panel.

“Moderating a panel at a conference is an art and science. A bit too much art and the session is hollow. A bit too much science and the thought leaders on your panel drift into the open ocean. “

Social Media Outside the Box by Alexandra M.

Alexandra M. explored how businesses in narrow and sometimes dry industries could benefit from broadening the content they post on social media. Could your business profit from posting pizza memes?

“That’s free advertising worth its weight in gold…it came from having great content about pizza.”

How to Choose a Quality Translator by Ilona K.

For businesses that operate in more than one country, Ilona K. detailed just what to look for in a translator. Much more than a box in a search engine, she suggested finding someone who is a linguist, a writer, a project manager, a communicator and more.

“…The best translators have certain traits in common.”

Writing Travel Content with a Local Twist by Wendy L.

Wendy L. detailed how travel writers can still uncover local gems when writing about destinations — even if they’re researching locales from afar. Her advice is to simply go where the locals go online: use search terms locals would use, explore areas with online maps and read local online publications.

“And it began with one simple question: Where do the locals swim?”

Why Should I Care? Creating Content That Connects by Lynn K.

Is your business awesome? Of course it is, but what’s that have to do with your customers or clients? Lynn K. provided an easy, three-step process to bridge the gap between your company’s accomplishments and your customers’ needs that focuses on features, advantages and benefits.

“In order to connect with your customers, you have to change your point of view.”

What Donald Trump and Great Digital Content Have in Common by Amanda S.

Amanda S. wrote on how content creators can use controversy to increase readership — without over-promising or polarizing readers. Her post took content creators beyond the first strong sentence of a post and into its body, discussing how to focus the message, use white space well, develop a voice and include action-oriented items.

“…Controversy does spark readership, but it only gets readers to read that first sentence. Then you’ve really got to deliver.”

Nine Ways to Create Mouth-Watering Content That Foodies Care About by Hilary L.

The food movement has mushroomed recently — to a $174 million per month industry. Hilary L. had lots of tips on how to capitalize on this growing trend, from learning how to write like a foodie to finding your place within the digital food space.

“Is the food ambrosial, acerbic or acidic? Perhaps sharp, succulent or saccharine? There’s at least a thousand ways to say something is tasty (or not-so-tasty) to give food writing texture and personality.”

Writer Webinar Recap: How to Find Your Voice as a Copywriter by Scott B.

Scott B. offered up a concise recap of WriterAccess’ webinar on copywriting. In it, he detailed seven tips from well-known copywriter Andy Maslen that copywriters can use to create content that has the perfect voice, a voice that resonates, moves along and captivates readers.

“Voice. Every piece of writing has one…The goal with every piece of writing is to capture the right voice.”

How to Create Content Marketers Will Care About by Rob B.

Content marketers know the tricks of the trade, and they won’t be fooled by any gimmicks. Rob B.’s guide to creating content specifically for content marketers included solid advice, like considering what drives marketers, staying current with trends in their world and speaking their language with data.

“…Providing one valuable nugget is a fluke and providing two is a pattern, while providing continued value is what creates a dedicated advocate for life.” / /

How to Create Content Scientists will Read by Patricia B.

Scientists are intelligent and educated — but they might not be fluent in English. Patricia B. broke down how copywriters can create content that is accurate, engaging and non-promotional, and speaks to the international scientific community.

“When writing for scientists, you’ll be presenting complex ideas. But you don’t want to use an equally complex vocabulary or complicated syntax to do it.”

Turn Readers into Customers with a Business Profile by Samantha D.

A business profile is all at once a news brief, narrative story and promotional advertisement. Samantha D. explained just what this often under-utilized piece is, as well as how to create it and what it can do for a company.

“The profile is a window into the company; it should make the customer feel like they know your business better after reading it.”

How to Go Viral: Lessons from the Most Shared Content of 2015 by Jessica F.

Whether a specific piece will go viral is determined by many factors, but it all starts with how the piece is made. Jessica F.’s recap of the webinar with Steve Rayson and Anders Pink included lots of usable tips, like capitalizing on a trend, incorporating great images, being cute and being controversial.

“It is just as rare to get 5 million shares as it is to get that great American novel. But…some posts do go viral, and that it happens just about every day.”

How to Create Content That Will Hook Any Target Audience by Paul H.

Paul H. explained broad, yet tangible, ways that content creators can make pieces that hook any target audience, no matter who they’re marketing to. Content, he said, should show integrity, demonstrate passion, make a contribution and be creative — all qualities that everyone likes.

“It is neither the quickest nor the brightest who consistently achieve massive success in business. It is rather, those who stick with the mission — well beyond the time others have thrown in the towel.”

How to Create Content That Project Managers Care About by Ruth S.

Using current research, Ruth S. explained that project managers are regularly engaging — and trying to convince — executives. Her suggestion for writers trying to capture the attention of project managers is to write content that helps them think more like executives.

“Perhaps the most challenging part of writing content for project managers is to find something new and innovative to say.”

CMC All-Stars Share What They Know About Creating Content That Connects by Alana M.

If you missed the Content Marketing Conference, Alana M. recapped the conference’s leading thinkers on one of the most interesting topics discussed: how people approach the creative process. Her short recaps of their comments are filled with valuable nuggets of information.

“Creation is so much more than simply putting words to paper….”

Finding Common Ground: How Empathy Can Drive Powerful Content with Enduring Appeal by Kristin R.

In a sometimes impersonal medium like the internet, empathetic content can have wide appeal. Kristin R. discussed how writing with empathy is a sacrifice, it requires putting your audience rather than your company first, but one that will pay off.

“Empathy is one of the most often overlooked resources in a content writer’s arsenal, but it is essential to effective, enduring content written for an increasingly customer-centric marketing climate….”

Writer Webinar: Tips and Success Stories from WriterAccess Writers by Jessica F.

Jessica F. recapped the webinar that featured some of our top talents on WriterAccess. She highlighted a few common threads that help writers stand out and succeed on the site. She notes that the most successful writers fill out their profiles, apply to casting calls and send messages — all actions that help writers connect with the clients they’re serving.

“What is the difference between the most successful and those who aren’t? It seems like the answer lies in the resources that the writer is willing to explore within the WriterAccess platform.”

Creating Content That Farmers Will Dig by Moira M.

On writing for farmers, Moira M. had two important tips. First, use authoritative sources because farmers know their vocation. Second, cover developments that help farmers because these improvements can help better their way of life.

“Farmers rely on content that’s up-to-date with reliable information they can use in their daily operation.”

How Content Sells Services: Customers Want Complete Solutions (Right Now!) by Austin M.

Austin M. stressed how important instilling confidence in a company is if it sells services rather than products. He suggested creating content that focused on reputation, immediacy, completeness and performance to instill confidence in consumers.

“…Consumer confidence is much more important than it would be for a retail product.”

July promises to be another month full of great insights from our writers. Check back to see what new topics they’re covering, and you’ll likely learn a tip or two that could help your business.

4-Star writer Scott B  understands how to communicate businesses’ and organizations’ values both clearly and effectively. His pas clients have included graduate schools, hospitals, doctors, financial advisors, insurance agencies, tech startups, cafes, churches and retailers. Over his career, Scott has written hundreds of blog posts, articles, white papers and ebooks, and he is prepared to help your business or organization develop copy that will convert.

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