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Writer Webinar: Tips and Success Stories from WriterAccess Writers

Working from home, living off of your ability to string words together and bring life to the blank page, this is the dream of millions of people. The reality is that not everyone has what it takes to make a career out of their writing. But for those who do have the talent, motivation and personal drive to make their writing pay, lack of opportunity doesn’t have to be the reason why the dream doesn’t come to fruition. It is difficult to find your niche as a writer. Freelance writers may know this better than anyone. Work is inconsistent, deadlines are all over the place, pay is never guaranteed—but WriterAccess has changed the day-to-day of what it means to be a freelance writer by offering a platform that accommodates the writer while delivering the client the exact content they are looking for. Becoming a bridge between writer and client, WriterAccess opens the door to more writing opportunities, and provides access for writers to spend their time creating content on topics they are familiar with and comfortable with, meaning that the client receives the best content possible out of a satisfied and compensated writer.

Jessica F. is a Five-Star writer at WriterAccess
Jessica F is a 5-Star writer at WriterAccess

As a freelance writer who experienced the regular troubles of pennies-per-page work and non-guaranteed pay, WriterAccess is a breath of fresh air. However, simply joining WriterAccess isn’t the answer to all of your freelancing problems. For every writer on WriterAccess who has found their stride and is able to bring in a solid monthly income while writing at home, there are a dozen others who are barely able to find an article to write or can’t seem to find consistency in landing orders.

What is the difference between the most successful and those who aren’t? It seems like the answer lies in the resources that the writer is willing to explore within the WriterAccess platform. This led the WriterAccess team to reach out to those writers who are making the most of their time on the website and asked them for their greatest pieces of advice, and compile them in another Webinar: Tips and Success Stories from WriterAccess Writers.

Here is a quick rundown of the best strategies for success at gaining regular work and finding the niche that works best for you, directly from the mouths of those who have shown they know best.

1. Take advantage of the Casting Calls.

This is one aspect of WriterAccess that not enough people are taking advantage of. Those who are finding regular work on WriterAccess do so because they are on Love Lists and they are receiving Solo Orders. The larger pool of work that goes out to the general population of writers has way too much competition for you to rely on solely. Casting Calls are your opportunity to talk directly to a client and let them know why you are a good fit for the job they are looking for.

When you do apply for casting calls, don’t apply for just any. Look into them and see what interests you the most. Let the client know if it is something you are passionate about. Most importantly, don’t be generic or rehash what can be found in your online profile. Make it clear why you are the best candidate for that particular job. Get specific!

2. Improve your Communication Skills

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Every order comes with a message board that can directly connect you to a client. That message may be generic, sometimes they are specific. It doesn’t matter what the message says. What matters is that you provide the absolute best customer service to the client by answering the message promptly and professionally. Remember, you are not just representing WriterAccess, you are representing yourself. Going that extra mile by responding quickly and being professional and accommodating may lead to a strong relationship between you and that client, and that could mean love list and solo orders.

If communication with a client ever goes badly, don’t hesitate to contact the WriterAccess
help desk. WriterAccess is the mediator between all client-writer relationships. Messages through WriterAccess are 100% legal and recommended, and are moderated by WriterAccess staff. If you are concerned about something, reach out to the helpdesk. They’ll get back to you quick.

3. Build your WriterAccess Profile

When you first join Writer Access you are asked to create a profile. This profile asks for a lot of personal information, including your educational background and even a profile picture. For those who have worked in freelance writing in the past, it might have been preferred to maintain a bit of anonymity. This isn’t ideal with WriterAccess. Everything here is above board. There is no reason to hide your face, your degree, or your professional background. In fact, everything special about you can work to your advantage and help you get work.

Spend time putting information into your profile. Clients are invited to look through writer profiles and contact writers directly who sound like a good fit for their company based on content knowledge and tone. A strong professional picture will lead to a great first impression. Information about your expertise areas will help you land more work in subject areas that you are comfortable with. Use your profile to your advantage and make it as strong as possible.

If you are just getting started in the freelancing world, or if you are trying to dive deeper into the opportunities that are available for paid writing on the internet, WriterAccess can be a huge asset to you. However, you have to use the platform to its full potential to get the most out of it. Take the advice of the writers who know. It is possible to find success writing online, you just need to use a bit of personal strategy and know when to take advantage of an opportunity that is sitting in front of you. For more tips from the most experienced writers, check out the complete webinar.

5-Star writer, Jessica F’s writing background is quite comprehensive. Currently, she works full time as a content strategist and SEO copywriter for an internet publishing agency that specializes in medical content.

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