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How to Create Content That Will Hook Any Target Audience

Successful content marketing relies on four key factors: integrity, passion, contribution, and creativity. How many of these does your content convey?

Paul H is a 5-Star writer at WriterAccess
Paul H is a 5-Star writer at WriterAccess

Because as long as these four elements are communicated, the type of services or products being sold matters not.  Indeed, the rule finds ready application to any products or services being sold.


You must believe in what you are selling.  If not, the incongruity between what you say and what you think will be sensed by the end user, if only at a subconscious level.   Although unable to put words to the reasons for their reluctance to purchase, prospects will find themselves hesitant nonetheless.

In marketing as well as life, an old adage proves true: “your actions speak so loud I cannot hear what you’re saying.”  Where there is a lack of congruency with your message prospects will nearly always pick this up and pass on the purchase.


The best way to develop passion for what you’re doing is to embrace a mission mindset, as this stated objective will continue to fuel your passion during times of challenge; the times when emotional and intellectual reserves are in short supply.  For instance, one could — and likely should — adopt a mission statement that includes; “I am here to make the world a better place because I lived.”  And perhaps the nuts and bolts of your mission will involve some major altruistic cause, like feeding the poor or educating the ignorant.  In the majority of cases, however, this objective will be far less glamorous and much narrower in scope, such as enabling a company to succeed financially or helping to ensure that a company’s employees can provide for their families.

A passion coming from an altruistic-oriented mission delivers the energy that helps one persevere through the many trials ahead as one pursues their goals.  Passion ranks at the top of success-oriented attributes, as most business ventures fail not because they are unsound, but because their founders give up before success is ever achieved.  Unsurprisingly, passion and a determination to succeed in the face of formidable challenges often go hand in hand.

It is neither the quickest nor the brightest who consistently achieve massive success in business.  It is rather, those who stick with the mission — well beyond the time others have thrown in the towel.  Einstein provided a quintessential example of this when he attributed his tremendous success to time spent solving problems rather than his exceptional intelligence.


Marketing is, in so many respects, taking money out of another’s pocket to put it in one’s own.  And its unsurprising that end users can perceive this.  To counteract this perception, many of history’s most accomplished marketers adhered to the adage, “it is better to give than to receive.”  Nonetheless, every business needs to generate revenue.  For if they fail to do so they will cease to exist, with all their altruistic objectives going down the drain with them.  Yet where one seeks to benefit others before satisfying one’s own needs, this is readily picked up by the end user.  And this good will — when effectively communicated — reduces resistance, which nearly always translates into increased transactions with revenues enhanced.  Yet when prospects remain in a defensive psychological posture, their ability to comprehend the content of the marketed message decreases, leaving your message muddled with the prospect reluctant to bite.

David Arky/Getty Images
David Arky/Getty Images

Seek to find opportunities that allow you to solve problems for your prospect, even when those issues are unrelated to the products or services being offered.  Put their interests before your own and they will almost always reciprocate with a purchase.  Yet as successful as this marketing posture is, the approach remains a rare one.  Indeed, to refrain from the more commonly used one-sided business model approach, turning to the more other-centered, altruistic one requires a great deal of faith.  Still, that same faith is required for anyone wishing to join the ranks of the famously successful.


In marketing as well as in science, creativity is key.  In the course of pursuing his famous scientific breakthroughs, Einstein frequently proclaimed that “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  Interestingly, most great accomplishments in life can be traced to an infusion of the fine arts or music, areas where creativity abounds.  A man like Leonardo DaVinci provides the perfect example.  Yet the reason for creativity’s great link to business achievement is that it enables individuals to think outside the box; the ability to approach challenges differently than others.  This originality provides businesses with that game-changing edge, enabling them to find solutions inaccessible to their competitor’s strategic business radar.

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5-Star writer Paul H has been an avowed writer from the time he commenced his graduate degree in psychology, where he has since produced over 1,000 pages of original writings on psychology, education, law, and sociology.

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