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It’s Alive! 3 Ways to Resurrect Your Dying Content Strategy

It’s big, it’s bulky, and let’s face it: it’s really, really gross. 

If your content strategy has started dying, chances are you’ll probably smell it before you see it. 

Is doesn’t matter how many past revisions the content has undergone, or the number of clicks the top performing article has garnered. Once you catch a whiff of rot on the air, you know it’s too late. 

Content strategies die for a lot of reasons. Sometimes it’s because they are neglected, or underfed with budgeting. Sometimes the stress gets to them. But sometimes a content strategy fails simply because it wasn’t very good to begin with. 

Harsh words, true, but if your strategy is starting to attract a few too many flies, it might be time to start reevaluating exactly what got you there in the first place. You might not be able to ‘bring back’ exactly what you had before, but there’s a good chance that what you do end up resurrecting will be several times better than the original content strategy. 

The Methods Defined 

Every day is a good day to revive the content corpse and deliver the perfect jolt of electricity that will make it truly come to life. Note: these steps don’t work as well out of order. Improvise at your own risk! 

1. Don’t Open Dead Inside 

So your strategy is gone. Oops! 

No use crying over spilled milk (or dead content, in this case). Now is the time to learn from your mistakes, keep a record of wrongs, and start identifying exactly what went wrong. 

In the same way that an autopsy will explore the cause of death, so too will your gut deep synthesis of the problem reveal what went wrong for your strategy. Was there too much content, or too little? Was the funding spent well? What are your assets, and where are they located? Your goal here isn’t to bring back the same strategy that it was before. It’s to make something new from the ashes! 

2. Format, Format, Format 

Maybe your content is awesome. Keywords are on point, hyperlinks are credible, and even the ending call to action is simply sublime. Why, then, is no one tuning in? 

Our digital era has opened up a whole new world of content opportunities, from influencers and Snapchat stories to podcasts and video streaming. If your content strategy is suffering, it may not be because of what you compose, but where you compose it.  

Do some research around the habits of your target audience. Are they video-savvy YouTube viewers? Insta-loving shoppers? Once you know where your audience goes, you can reformat your content onto a wide variety of platforms. No need to create extra content if what you have is already great. Simply resurrect your previous work and send it out into the world. In fact, that just might be the last little bit of lightning you need to wake up the content corpse. 

3. Promotional Tactics 

It’s one thing to offer quality content, and it’s another very different thing to promote your content across different social platforms. Like it or not, some of the best and biggest industries needed a little promotional push before they really got their foot in the door. 

You’ve performed a full-body autopsy, analyzed the data with research and other helpful points to determine the best plan of attack, and now you’re finally ready to implement the biggest lightning strike of them all. Don’t hold back! 

If you really want your content corpse to get out of the coffin, you’re going to need to help. Provide the necessary promotions that your products or services need to stand out. Make backlinks and hyperlinked pathways that connect your business to the global sphere. If a post is doing well on social media, pay the extra cash to give it the boost it deserves.  

It’s Alive! 

No bones about it, the best way to start resurrecting your content is to hire a team of content strategizing professionals to produce the stuff you need right now. Not sure if using a content platform is right for you? WriterAccess offers a demo trial of their services, fully equipped to show you the best methods of growing your business organically. After all, it’s about time you shook off the dead weight of your suffering content strategy. Babysit less and supervise more.

Writing for clients for over six years, Meagan S. is a proven professional with a strong educational background and an unmatched command of powerful, smooth-running prose. Her client-based writing strategy means that Meagan brings everything to the table, refusing to hold back or keep her best work to herself. Meagan is a serious writer with pieces that convert and call-to-action your audience for your optimal outcome. No matter the subject, Meagan can cover it.

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