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Is Spun Content a Good Fit for Your Business?

Spun ContentIf you’ve been looking for content to fill a site, you may have heard of spun content. Those who sell spun content tout it as a great—and inexpensive—way to fill a website quickly with unique content. And it certainly is a fast way to get a lot of content. If you haven’t looked any further into just where it comes from, here’s a breakdown.

Writers for hire create low-cost articles that are written in spin formation with some coding in each sentence that gives spinning software several variations of each phrase used in the article. Once those articles are written and collected, the article seller puts them into an article spinner. The spinner churns out hundreds of variations of each article fed to it. The many variations of every phrase mean that the spinner can give you countless variations on the article that still rank as unique because they aren’t precisely like the others. Pow. Instant content. However, there are a few serious problems with using this method.

Is It Really Unique?

If you don’t want to be ranked lower by a search engine for having the same articles as another site, you definitely want unique content. And technically, spun articles do count as unique content. However, they do not count as unique content with readers. One of the biggest problems with spun content is that the article variations that come out of the spinner all have the same information. Readers want content that brings a little extra to the table. If you have the same information as every other site, you won’t attract links, and you won’t be bookmarked. You won’t be remembered at all.

Spinning Is an Exact Science

Writing the coding for the article to be spun is tough. If one symbol is off, it can throw off a batch of articles. It’s also extremely important that the person writing the original article understands the nuances of English. If a writer doesn’t have a nuanced grasp of English, the resulting articles will be full of nonsense. Every variation of every phrase has to be a good fit with every other variation in the sentence. Many companies that create spun content hire ESL writers to keep the cost down, and the results are disastrous.

Taking Your Time and Money

If you have a desire to create a site that is going to get noticed, it will take time and dedication. Wasting time and marketing money on spun content takes away from the time and money that could be spent on getting real content that has different information than every other site. When you hire someone to create spun content, you aren’t taking the time to find good writers for hire who will create content that does more than technically get through the unique content loophole. Using your effort and budget to find better writers and get interesting content will win you readers, earn you links and start putting your website on the map.

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