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A Day in the Life of a WriterAccess Freelancer

Describing just one day in the life of a WriterAccess content writer is no easy task.

Every day is different–and I relish that! But one thing is for certain: working for WriterAccess is improving my skills as a wordsmith.

I can wax poetic over the calming effects of vegetation on the human psyche for a horticulturist in San Francisco.  I can compose White Papers for those seeking government grants, or craft technical explanations for firms who manufacture tools and industrial equipment.

Most importantly, I can put the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of businesses into words so they can communicate a specific concept to their clients.

The Process

When I begin working on a project, I will read industry experts’ opinions on the subject, gather data and statistics, and peruse the website of the business requesting the article.

Afterwards, I will sit while my baby plays at my feet, and allow the information to permeate my understanding.

After a few minutes, I am ready to write and articulate the principles that I have read.

The Rewards

The unspoken desire of a brand who commissions a blog post is that people will understand at a glance what they are all about. My job as a freelance content writer is to comprehend their core values, mission, and culture.  I also have to represent the company in a fashion that is both professional and artistic.

When I write content for WriterAccess, I nimbly move from one style of writing to another, which strengthens my writing skills. Best of all, I get paid to do something that I love.

About the author 

Rosa H has experience writing news pieces, essays, and blog posts.  In addition, she handled press and promotion for the Heartbeat Bill campaign in Indiana. She wrote press releases for newspapers and created radio commercials for political candidates running for office.  Rosa handles press and promotion for Great Commission Records, sending press releases to newspapers and letters to record labels. She is also a radio recording artist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer whose music has received radio airplay nationwide. She has conducted radio interviews in order to promote her records.  Rosa is currently the co-host for ‘The Joe and Rosa Show’ on WDZY AM & FM in Richmond, VA to an audience of 1.3 million in the primary signal. She is responsible for contacting guests that have included the best and the brightest in Christian publishing, speaking, and culture. 


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