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I Can’t Plan ANYTHING!! My Aggravation With my Inability to Control my Life

plan chessMurphy’s Law states that “in any field of endeavor, anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Yes, this is a bit of a morose thought. But, it is true nonetheless. This “happy” theory most often shows itself in my life within my writing career.  Not so much in things “going wrong.” Instead, it shows itself in the absence of work when I have time to work and the abundance of work when I am busy living life.

Thankfully, my freelance writing career, which is one of the many jobs for writers available, is a part-time gig, meaning income from writing doesn’t have to pay all my bills. It simply has to supplement my income. Regardless of that fact, though, there is nothing quite as aggravating, frustrating or downright exasperating as my inability to count on steady work in my freelance writing career.

Yes, I have been able to determine certain patterns throughout my years of freelancing experience. For example, work always wanes near holidays and in the summer months. I now prepare for these lulls and have money saved to tide me over until the jobs start coming in again. But, the ebb and flow in the industry is not really what is the most aggravating. Instead, it’s the day-to-day fluctuation that really has no pattern that drives me crazy.

Perhaps, it’s because I am a control freak (I know odd for a creative type, but true). I like to have my week tentatively planned out. I want to know when I will work, when I will go get groceries, when I should run my errands, etc. Unfortunately, planning that way is simply not possible as a freelance writer. It just doesn’t work. I can’t even count the times that I have had hours with nothing to do at my house, no errands to run, nothing, which is the ideal time to work, right? Well, I can guarantee that days like this will be dead in regards to writing. I don’t know why, call it my real-life version of Murphy’s Law, but I will never have work to do when I have spare time.

Instead, it will be when I have to take my Grandmother to the doctor, go on a field trip with my kids, run my son to soccer practice or my daughter to chorus, go help prepare for a drama at church, pay some bills, must make a trip to the store, have a doctor’s appointment myself, or have something (anything at all) scheduled for that day. This is when I will have work. It NEVER  fails.

Now that I have talked about all the negative aspects regarding my inability to control my writing career, it’s only fair I cover some of the good. Since I work from home, I can take off at a moment’s notice if I needed. I can be the one that is called upon when my elderly relatives have no one else. For that, I am eternally thankful for my uncontrollable, aggravating career.

brandie pBrandie P is first and foremost a Christian and secondly a wife and mom to a wonderful family. Her love of the written word has led her to pursue a rewarding yet sometimes aggravating career in freelance writing.


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