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Humor Makes Your Presentation Stand Out in the Lineup

presentation stand out humor

The headline (or maybe the wacky image) caught your eye, and you want to make your presentation–or whatever it is you have on offer–stands out, too. Well, then, congratulations!

You’ve completed the challenging work of creating a stellar product or producing a superior service that performs as well or better than promised. The next step is to tell the world about it. Presenting a solid ad campaign based on facts and attributes is good. It’s a fair job. Many companies get by honestly but modestly humming their own praises. Straight, fact-based promotional and advertising materials will help browsers who seek out what you have to offer to find you.

Your Own Wingman: The Best in B2B and B2C

However, a far better method than blandly describing what you do is inspiring buyers and believers into singing your praises. “Just the facts, ma’am” works wonderfully in a police line-up. It’s everything you need to call out a perp. However, in B2B and B2C marketing, finesse is the strategy to employ. Think of having a stand-out marketing strategy as a wingman or wingwoman for your brand. It works brilliantly in bars, and it works just as fantastically for moving product.

The Choir Sings it Loud and Proud

Or you could view your marketing strategy as the choirmaster who leads the choir in praise, who motivates converts to your cause to converse, glorify, obsess, and gossip about you. How does this work? By employing wit. One of the most excellent methods of attracting attention is by utilizing things that are mirth-inducing. Adweek observed that humor defined some of the best ads of 2017, and Adweek would not kid about something this serious.

Binding Buyers Together

Humor is one of the best things to bind people together. The other is duct tape. But laughter is better because it doesn’t require pinning anyone down and it’s entirely legal! When you ramp up a presentation so that it not only toggles peoples’ funny bone but torques them into sharing, then you’re golden.

It’s Good to Have Ambassadors!

Word of mouth is a sensationally powerful way of creating excitement. A recent survey of small business owners claimed that they pulled eighty-five percent of loyal clients by a referral from a friend or family member. This gives new meaning to the life-saving mouth-to-mouth technique! Get customers to do you the favor of spreading the good word about your brand and make them your fans and your ambassadors.

Which leads us to the Benjamin Franklin Effect or what’s known to those still paying off student loans as cognitive dissonance. Basically, it’s when you do someone a favor, and you discover that you like them. This is because you cannot wrap your head – cognition – around the discrepancy – dissonance– between doing someone a solid and disliking them, ergo, you did them a favor, so you must like them.

Invite and Excite

Your goal as a visionary who believes in your product is to excite evangelists into proselytizing about you, righteously. Before you can speak in front of your buyer base with clarity, focus and in a fashion that snaps, crackles, and pops, you need a method of sharing information in a way that blows through the myriad words, pictures, and facts that the average buyer is inundated with each day.

The Myth, The Legend, The Presentation

Success is spearheading a presentation that is so fabulous that your believers make tribute videos, posts thousands upon thousands of comments, launch a fleet of memes, and becomes the name on prospective customers’ lips. That, my friend, takes something extra. Sure, you could release an amateur sex tape, but that is so 2007. No, the way to people’s hearts is through their heads. Use wit to tell about the superior service or product that you offer and let the myth-making begin!

Spice is Nice

No matter how bodacious you are, the world needs to know about you to achieve the success that you so richly deserve. Which is why Homo sapiens developed the gift of marketing. Besides opposable thumbs and the ability to use pick-up lines, it’s one of the things that defines our shared humanity. It’s not enough to use videos featuring bikini babes, hint at bromance, or produce a cute puppy to win hearts and minds. There’s a unique ingredient that will spice up your ad, and it also works sensationally for would-be seducers, too; that rare and unique spice is humor.


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