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How Top Agencies Like Creative Circle Hire Freelancers

Creative Circle, a virtual employment agency that works with freelance content writers and editors, goes back to the basics with their hiring process.

A staffing agency founded in 2001, Creative Circle has been named to Forbes magazine’s list of best recruiters for 2017.  The agency also has offices in 40 cities throughout North America, including Miami, Toronto, San Diego, and Boston.

Like most agencies, the owners of Creative Circle feel that good content writing is a process that depends on trust between the client and the freelancer. The client needs to trust that the writer will meet their deadline and follow instructions. And the writer needs to trust that the client will pay him on time and not waste his or her time by changing the instructions in the middle of the project or asking for repeated edits.

The Hiring Process

After the initial applicant screening, the freelance content writer is matched with a client that Creative Circle thinks will be a good fit for them.  Then, the agency actually schedules an old school, face-to-face interview between the client and the prospective writer.  This helps to solidify the writer/client relationship and get it off to a good start.

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About the author 

Sandy M has been a full-time freelance writer since 2005. Her work has appeared in dozens of print and Web publications. She is also the author of two books about Cleveland history and is researching a third. 

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