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How to Use the WriterAccess Client Order Template

The WriterAccess Client Order Template has been carefully designed to facilitate the ordering process. The talented and dedicated IT staff at WriterAccess is constantly striving to improve the user interface, but it’s clearly pretty close to perfection. Here’s a basic guide to using the WriterAccess Client Order Template when ordering writing services.

1. Log into your client dashboard and locate the “Place Orders” text button on your left side panel as shown.

2. Notice the options in the top tab for a Detailed Order.

3. First, select what type of content you want from the pull-down menu, which can be accessed with the small up and down arrows on the right.

4. Next, choose the industry that the subject of the order falls under. Selecting an industry type helps you differentiate between all the orders you’ve placed, and it also helps writers to understand what industry they will be writing for.

5. Under “Eligible Freelancers,” you can opt to make the order available to one special writer, a group of writers, or the entire crowd of freelancers. You can also let WriterAccess help you find the best writer for your order, or put out a casting call to choose from multiple writer applications.

6. The price of your order depends on the quality of writing you want and the length of the piece. You can instantly see how much the base price of your order will be when you toggle up and down through the “Pricing” options.

7. Other options include social media posts and faster delivery time, which you’ll see under “Add Ons” and “Timeline.”

8. Finally, you’ll arrange your content details. This will open up advanced customization options, such as a project description text box, a topic title field, information about style and voice, things to mention, and things to avoid.

After you’ve paid for and placed your order, it will be visible to your selected writer pool in about 10 minutes. As you can see, the WriterAccess template is very simple to use, and allows for almost any customization needs for your content order. Why not try it out for yourself right now?

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