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How to Optimize SEO for the Future: Google Updates, Keyword Tool and Letting Writers Take the Lead

Book and computer mouse SEO keywords used to be king. However, as companies studied their usage for marketing results, the internet soon became plagued by an abuse of keywords. Websites were flooded with an over-abundance of these terms that were riddled throughout nonsensical content, propelling them to the top of the search engine rankings to the demise of real users. Google has changed that. Now websites need readable content that incorporates SEO keywords natively. In future Google updates, the company will further crack down on poor content. Without a great SEO content writer and proper keyword usage, websites will struggle to maintain their ranking and reach new audiences.

Another Toy in Google’s Toolbox

Google AdWords Keyword Tool is nothing new, although its use has expanded beyond those simply running an AdWords campaign. Anyone can create a free account and use the Keyword Tool to research search engine data to come up with the best blog post titles, domain names and SEO content. For those that have not played around with it, the process is fun and inspires some creative searches. Users can learn alternative keywords, compare search results and adjust for competition. offers a clear beginner’s guide to using Keyword Tool that focuses on understanding the filtering process to prevent any misunderstanding of the results.

Asking Writers to Do the Research

While marketing experts already know what keywords they are targeting, blog owners that are looking for an SEO content writer often struggle when picking out the right keywords. When a client sets up an assignment with required keywords that cannot be used naturally in the content, the article suffers. SEO content writers are experienced in how to use keywords properly and often have more effective solutions than what an assignment requires. Clients can ask freelancers to adjust keywords as necessary by utilizing Keyword Tool and incorporating them into the flow of the content.

Keywords in the Future

Google is dead-set on filtering the internet for readable content. Quality writers that know how to weave in keywords will thrive while websites that stick to old concepts on SEO will fall. However, Google has set up a clear path to success. Whether researching keywords or writing the articles, it is up to real people to take the time and do the work, setting the new standard for internet content.

Daniel M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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