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How to Handle British, Canadian, Australian, or South African English Situations

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Sometimes you get a writing job that leaves you in the lurch. Do they want it in Australian English? How does that differ from English in the US or British English or even South African English? This Whispering Wordsmith of the Woods had this exact challenge this week, and I want to show you how I managed to overcome it so I could get back on with my writing.

Finding a Site for Grammar Checking

Once you have finished writing and editing your content and it’s ready to review for proper English grammar in the preferred language, go to a website like these. LanguageTool is an online proofreading program using open source software:

  • Use for free or pay for the subscription for additional features like the Word add-on.
  • Checks American English with British, South African, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand English.

SpellChecker is another free website that lets you check American English with British, Australian, and Canadian English:

  • This tree won’t tell you a lie; the website is glitchy thanks to ads.
  • Also, if you select the Advanced version, it will redirect you to Grammarly, which is a totally different program. Just FYI.

Simple Grammar Guides

Another way you can check your content for British and New Zealand slang is with quick grammar guides you find online. Check out the British Council and the British English grammar and vocabulary lessons. There’s even an app that the council offers to the public for teaching British English.

The EBC TEFL blog features an interesting debate on whether one version of English is better than the other. While you hear both sides of the pond, you will learn more about the consistency and vocabulary differences, which can help you with using the right English grammar.

Bookmark these grammar guides and spend a few minutes a day reviewing some alter-English info. You never know when you are going to get to put those different English phrases to use. After all, this world is increasingly connected through the internet and globalization (or is that globalisation?!). Our web roots are becoming more entwined all the while, leaving plenty of room for new content writers interested in writing in any variety of English.


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