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How to Get the Most from Your Content Creation Dollars

getting the most for your dollar

Content marketing works. However, to get the most from your efforts and your dollars, you need to be consistent. That means having a regular flow of good quality, targeted content to post every week, if not every day. It can get time-consuming and frustrating to try to write all of these articles, blog posts and white papers yourself. That’s where a good content creation agency or company can help. They’ll match you with writers who best fit your needs, without your having to interview people, shuffle resumes and answer emails.

However, to get the most from your content creation dollars, it pays to following a few easy tips. Content is definitely one of those areas where what you get back correlates directly to what you put into the project.

Tips for getting the most from your content dollars

1. Know what you want to accomplish with the content. The goal of any good content marketing campaign is to encourage your readers to take actions that support your marketing plan. That could be requesting a free quote, downloading a free ebook or simply returning again and again to your website until they view you as an expert in the field (and the company they will turn to when they need your product or service.) Letting your writer know your goals for the page or pages can help him or her target your content more directly.

2. Communicate well with your writer. In addition to sharing the goal for your content, any other specific information you can give the writer will help him or her return a piece that better suits your needs. Simply telling them to “write something for your blog” or “I need something to drive traffic to my site” is way too vague, since such instructions can be interpreted a number of ways.

3. Come up with a dynamic, original title/ post idea. Even when working with writers for hire, it’s a good idea to come up with your own dynamic title and idea for the page(s.) Not only can your writer learn your desired tone from the title, but this is the phrase that will catch your reader’s’ eye and draw them to your site.

Working with a writer for hire should be viewed as a journey. The more you work together, the more the writer will come to understand your style and how you want your pages to look. Get the most from the money you spend on content by never losing sight of your marketing plan, communicating well and often with your writer and taking the time to write the titles yourself.


Sandy M has been writing web articles, blogs, social media posts and ebooks for more than a decade. When she’s not typing away at her computer, she dabbles in Internet marketing and writing mystery novels. She’s even contracted for content herself.

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