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How to Develop Your Freelance Home Living Copywriting Career

The topic of Home Living covers several subjects that can appeal to diverse types of people. Do you have an expert eye for internal décor or exterior flower gardens? Is your idea of a fun afternoon experimenting with a new recipe? Are you a handyman or woman who can fix just about anything around the house? With the right writing skills, all of these people can be freelance home living copywriters.

When you sit down to write your piece, you want to truly be an expert in what you are writing. People know the basics. Your goal is to tell them something new. Explain new cooking techniques or how to repair basic plumbing problems. Find a subject where you can offer unique insight.

You also want to love what you are writing about. Read the ‘about us’ page on The Inspired Room and see the emotion behind the words. When you are passionate about the topic at hand, it will be far easier to study and spend hours in front of the computer writing.

To help boost your own credentials and learn about more about the subjects, consider taking free or cheap local classes. Many home improvement stores offer ‘How To’ courses for free. You also may be able to find fun cooking classes or design courses.

While you are in the courses, take the time to begin networking. There are many people who work within the industry who may be able to use freelance home living copywriters. For example, look for chefs who run catering companies but do not have time to maintain a website. Perhaps there are interior designers who want to keep a blog but do not have the necessary writing skills. People are realizing the importance of being online and home living copywriters have work available when they know where to look. These sorts of jobs can help with experience and give you the opportunity to learn a great deal more about the home living niche.

It is also beneficial to read very successful blogs, such as The Inspired Room or The Pioneer Woman for insight, ideas, and inspiration. These writers can help you understand what the audience is looking for and the type of information that is sought.

Freelance copywriting is one of the most rewarding yet challenging careers. Home living is an exciting niche because you have such a wide audience and a great berth of topics. The trick behind being successful is learning how to turn practical knowledge into expertise.

Jessica B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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