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How to Compete for Writers in the Gig Economy

These days, many businesses are set up to offer you fast service in a convenient fashion. The explosive growth of the food truck industry is a perfect example. But as with any service, it’s the great ones that you really want to visit. When you’re looking for an in-demand writer with expertise in your field, you may have to wait in line before you can feast on a sumptuous morsel of marketing excellence. Here’s how you can ensure that the top writers will be happy to take your order.

1. Head to the Sweetest Hangout Spot

To know you’ll get the choicest meal, you’ve got to take a peek inside the kitchen. A busy company with lots of content producers isn’t always a guarantee that the business is fair or sustainable. But there is one thing you can bank on–the places that support their talent well can attract and keep more of the people you want to hire.

When you look for online marketplace platforms, here’s how you’ll know that you have found a winner:

  • positive reviews from creators, not just buyers
  • pricing that fairly compensates writers for their time
  • people who have producing on the platform for years
  • freelancers with varying levels of experience

A place that meets these criteria won’t just give you what you want. They’ll be around long enough to ensure you receive it every time.

2. Don’t Forget Your Wallet

They say that experience can be as valuable as money. The bank ledger, however, tells a different story. You’d never skip out on the check or offer half the cost of the meal in payment. Good clients make sure that their favorite freelancers get what they need to keep the mortgage up to date and the Wi-Fi working.

Remember that what constitutes a fair wage can be shockingly variable from one writer to the next. Similarly, your favorite burger joint might charge a small sum compared to that fancy bistro you go to every now and then. Gig workers are usually happy to share their rates, but you may need to ask first. If you really have to compete for a spot, tipping helps guarantee you’ll be even more welcome at your next visit.

3. Bring Your Loyalty Card

Everyone has that favorite spot that makes an order just right. It’s delightful to walk in, say, “I’ll have my usual” and know it will come out perfectly. Once you find the right writer for the job, you’ll benefit from keeping them. Loyal customers learn the best times to show up, and make everything clear so that the writer can deliver on target every time. You may not snag a discount for filling up your punchcard, but you get the peace of mind that comes with accuracy and reliability. And what’s a better deal than that?

4. Pay the Upcharge for Special Orders

When it seems like anyone could get a business license and start serving customers, it may feel unnecessary to pay extra for special work. After all, do these people even know how to write a press release or white paper? Do they have experience writing the medical, financial or legal content you need?

Yes, they do.

Although conventional wisdom suggests that gig workers are mostly young adults trying to find a regular job, research suggests this isn’t the case. In fact, freelancers are much more likely to have a bachelor’s or better. Hiring someone with the critical expertise can add a layer of assurance that’s well worth the higher price.

5. Savor the Experience

When you settle in for a five-course meal, the last thing you want to do is spend the whole experience watching the clock. Content creation is a mix of science, art, cryptid magic and most importantly, time. This is what makes your work snap, crackle and pop–and if you rush it, you might get a soggy mess.

Instead, make sure that your content schedule gives you plenty of time to find writers, confirm their availability and let their visionary minds do the work. Taking your mind off your watch might allow you to enjoy every bite.

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Holly S has a wide variety of interests and hobbies. She is an avid cook and baker who focuses on natural food that tastes wonderful. She loves to do many different forms of exercise including hiking, running, Pilates, yoga, interval training and weight-lifting. She has an extensive background in college debate, and so she has always had a love for argument and discourse. In her spare time, she might be seen reading or watching indie films.

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