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How to Become a Writer’s Favorite Client

I am going to let you in a little secret, give you a quick glance behind the curtain so to speak, and explore the depths of what makes us tick as writers. Through these interesting tidbits,  you will learn how to become– if not the favorite at least one of the favorite client’s—of a freelance writer here on WriterAccess. This is worthwhile information because just as we as writers compete with each other to win jobs, you as a client are actually competing with other clients for the very best of the services we can provide as writers. I am going to give you a leg up on your competition and ensure you quickly become the type of client whose orders writers will be fighting over:

How to Become a Writer’s Favorite Client: What to do to Put Yourself Above Other Clients

Understand it’s Not “Only” About Money

I hesitated to even include this point as I was worried it would communicate the wrong point. Please note, I am not in any way advocating for you to pay writers less than they are worth. Keep in mind, we are contract employees. This means we pay a high rate of taxes on our income.  Consequently, we can’t work for peanuts, and our services are worth being rewarded in a monetary method. We have bills to pay and our rent/mortgage companies don’t accept “experience” or “exposure” as a method of payment. Therefore, I don’t mean you shouldn’t consider pay at all. I am simply pointing out that it isn’t only about money. In other words, if you are difficult to work for, constantly nitpicking everything we do, criticizing us, expecting us to read your mind, etc., you will find writers are hesitant to pick up your work, even if you pay extremely well. If you treat writers like second rate employees, it doesn’t matter how much you pay. We want to be appreciated and treated like the talented professionals we are through appreciation. Interestingly enough, this has been proven by a data compiled by PayScale report, which identified “appreciation” as the single most valued factor for employees.

Please Tell us Your Plan

Assuming you already appreciate your writers and pay them fairly if not great, you can also improve your ranking as a client by telling us your plan. We get that you don’t always know well in advance when you will need content. We also understand that sometimes, your plans will fall through. All we are asking as writers, though, is that you keep us in the loop. If you know that you are going to send us a few orders at the end of the week, shoot us a quick message and ask if we are able to fit these orders into our schedule. Then, if you tell us to expect orders, follow through. Of course, we would ideally prefer the orders to appear as arranged, but if you realize the plan has changed, let us know. In many cases, we as writers will not pick up work, thinking your orders are coming and then when they don’t show up, it leaves us short on payday. So, please, just keep us informed. Even if your client pulled the order and you don’t have anything to send, at least let us know.

Realize We Aren’t Mind Readers

Although we can almost seem like mind readers after working with you repetitively, we don’t actually know what your client has asked for, where you intend on putting the content ordered or what style you want us to follow. We need you to give us this information. WriterAccess makes this easy, you just have to pick options when placing the order. Take the time to give any information vital to the creation of your content. With that being said, don’t go overboard with information either. I know, this might seem a bit contradictory. I just mean, don’t have your instruction page be longer than the content ordered. Also, don’t demand we follow a specific, non-obvious request, but then bury that request in the midst of the instructions.

Give us Attribution

We understand there are certain cases where it isn’t possible, especially if you are serving as the middleman to give us credit for what we write. However, if you have the ability to do so and it won’t hurt your site’s purpose, please consider giving us a byline, or attribution for our content. As copywriters, we often sell our content and are never allowed to use it again in our own portfolios. Therefore, giving us some form of ownership over what we write is a huge deal.

Follow all the tips listed above and you will quickly become your writer’s favorite client. If you want to get started hiring a freelance writing professional, contact us today to learn more.


Brandie P. has enjoyed freelance writing as a profession for almost a decade. She believes well written content can give any website or business an edge over their competitors. Therefore, she strives to maintain a level of professionalism in her work that will consistently elevate her clients and hopefully increase their revenue, reach and even reputation. She is happy to work with you today on your next project and especially values making long-term client/writer relationships.

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