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How to Become a Publishing Blogger

The publishing industry has come a long way in this country. From the first printing press shipped over from England in the 1600s to more than 2,600 publishing companies in existence today, the publishing industry continues to grow and thrive. With the advent of the internet age in the 1990s along with electronic publishing and e-readers, publishing is evolving in ways our founding fathers probably never imagined.

With all of the publishing and self-publishing companies in existence, and more springing up all the time, many of these outlets will be looking to hire publishing bloggers. If you have an interest or experience in this area, blogging about the publishing industry may be for you.

While the work of writers and artists who create the content is primary, without the publishing industry, there would be no way to distribute this work on a large scale. How publishing and media intersect could be a fertile blogging topic all on its own. Electronic publishing has definitely made the sharing of art and information easier than ever before.

Find Your Niche

If you are considering becoming a publishing blogger, research what’s already out there by reading some of the top publishing blogs. You’ll find that the content can vary quite a bit. As you read, be open to inspiration about how you can find your own voice as a publishing blogger. What aspects of publishing genuinely interest you, capture your attention? What insights are you ready to share? How can you contribute to the dialogue in a way that no one else has? The answers to these questions can provide excellent resources to help you get started as a publishing blogger.

Know Your Audience

A p ublishing blogger provides insights and information about the state of the publishing industry today and where it might be headed tomorrow. You’ll want to be up on the latest trends in publishing and have a genuine interest and passion for the topic. Depending upon who you’ll be writing for, your audience could be primarily authors, avid readers, people looking to break into the industry, those already established in the publishing world, or some combination of these.

As publishing continues to change and grow along with the evolution of technology, companies and media outlets will be looking to hire publishing bloggers. Watch the trends, find your niche, write from a genuine place, and you’ll be on the road to success as a publishing blogger.

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