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How to Balance a Working Vacation

One of the benefits to working as a web content writer is that you can work from anywhere you have an internet connection. Because of this, I find myself working at home, Starbucks, the library, the pick-up line at my daughter’s school and even my favorite watering hole. I also travel quite a bit for family reasons and because I participate in an amateur sport that allows me to attend out-of-state tournaments on occasion. Working on the road is something I have learned how to do. Whether you write full-time, part-time or just here and there, following these tips can make working while you travel a much more do-able proposition.

  • Talk to Your Clients – Believe it or not, your clients are people too. In many cases, if you are working on a larger project with a client, you will be able to work with him or her to make certain you have the time and resources you need to complete it. If you try to “hide” your trip and then run into issues later, you will look much more unreliable than if you talk about the potential for delays ahead of time.
  • Look into Dictation – When I’m traveling, I often use a dictation app on my iPhone to get my ideas in print without having to sit down and write them all out. While the information you get in return will be rough, at best, it is easier to take this information and turn it into a document later than to write from scratch.
  • Consider a Tablet – While I prefer to type on my laptop, I find that I am less likely to drag it out of the bag and work with it than I am a tablet. The tablet is easy to use on an airplane, from your bed in the hotel room or at a coffee shop table. You have to make it convenient to work or you will not want to do so.
  • Schedule Work Time – Instead of trying to fit in work whenever you can and either burning yourself out or not getting it done, schedule a couple of hours before your other activities or in the evening before bed. Treat this time like your “work day” and you will be less likely to push it aside.
  • Work with Others – Find a space where others are working and you will feel more productive. I find that I can work better in a Starbucks or library than I can a hotel diner, even if the table space and Wi-Fi capabilities are the same. Some places simply have an expectation of being a work environment and attract others who are working too.

Working while on vacation may not be your favorite way to spend this time. However, for a web content writer, this is a way of life. Finding ways to make the best of the situation will enable you to accomplish more and reach all your goals, both personal and professional.

Tracy S is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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