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How Smart Are Our Readers, Anyway?

When you are writing for the internet, you are aiming for an eighth-grade reading level—or at least for general content. But at the same time, your goal is to educate and enlighten. That’s why we are tasked as grammarians with finding and sorting spelling and grammar mistakes. To help you make the most of your time writing for the web, here are some places to refresh your own skills. Make sure to share any applicable skills with your audience through grammatically correct content creation.

Sorting the Trash

Start with the content itself. You may have to include content that is not spelled correctly or grammatically sound. Here is where those hashtags, SEO keywords, and phrases that come from the Urban Dictionary creep around like criminals. You have to skip around these weirdly spelled words and dodge them like mortar bombs. It just is.

Most of the time, as with those popular Urban Dictionary phrases invented by the web, you are stuck with the incorrect spelling. Same goes with keyword phrases for SEO purposes. Here you are grammatically in a bind. The problem isn’t you and you can’t fix it, but you can work around it. Start by being more proactive with advocating for accurate spelling when and where you can.

Test Your Grammar

You can also test your skills in the grammar department to make sure you are on par. This is something you can also share with your audience, again, as applicable. A Cool Grammar Test That 95% of People Fail has been viewed nearly 2 million times on YouTube. Brought to you by the Bright Side, with more than 30 million subscribers, this quiz seems simple enough. But as the title suggests, 95 percent of the general audience on YouTube can’t get their grammar right. Here is your golden ticket. Share the video, blog about the lack of grammar skills, or simply ask your readers to take the quiz and post their results on social media.

Get More Grammar Goodies

We may be stuck with using some of these broken down and defunct points with spelling and grammar. However, that doesn’t mean you have to let it ruin your writing. Sometimes you are forced to spell a word the “popular way,” or use a Grammarly incorrect SEO phrase, i.e. writing business Kentucky. As a writer on the web, it’s bound to happen. Just make the most of it and get creative so you can still help your content shine. Choose some of the content we have blossoming here at WriterAccess to learn more about grammar in the content realm.


“Welcome. I’m the Whispering Wordsmith of the Woods, An Old Man Willow type cunning the lit forest, Disrupting textbookish writers with grammar snaps and cracks.” As a professional web content writer for small-to-medium businesses, Miranda Y understands how to effectively balance technical jargon and personal brand messaging. Her content is sticky, evergreen when expected to be, and always creative. Keep ’em coming back for more, that’s Miranda’s motto!

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