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How Small and Medium Businesses Win with a Blog Ghostwriter

A blog serves as a vehicle for small and medium businesses to improve internet presence, establish a brand and just be noticed by the search engine gods. Not everyone has the base knowledge or experience to compose a blog that is both compelling and informative, however. Enter the blog ghostwriter. This is a writer who will compile the words behind the scenes. They do the work; the company gets the credit – nice! How does a business go about capturing one of these mythical creatures? The same way businesses succeed at anything – with careful planning and forethought.

Content Matters

When it comes to SEO, content matters, so a blog that is sloppy and full of grammar issues will do more harm than good. Small and medium businesses put their reputations on the line with each post. Someone in-house can check the details and facts for industry-related material, but consider a professional editor to hone the piece. This is an advantage to using a writer service. Most will offer editing for an upgrade. It costs more, but the blog will be clean and pristine.

Expertise Matters

Companies must establish expertise with a blog. Look for a writer with experience in your industry. This is another plus to working with a service. Writers provide details about their past projects. Services often offer search options or categories that help pinpoint writers in that field. This way the HVAC company does not end up with someone who specializes in dog training.

Say What You Mean

The blog may be the brainchild of the writer, but the company is responsible for what it says. The vaguer the notes, the more leeway the blogger will take with the copy. Work with the staff at the service to create the first set of guidelines. They have the knowhow and the motivation to contour proper directions so the piece is perfect the first time around. Take the time to give clear and precise instructions.

Send it Back

Companies that outsource their blogs can be timid about asking for rewrites. The word revision exists for a reason. Writers know that making revisions is part of the game. The blog should say what you want even if you are not the one to write it. If it doesn’t, send it back for a revision. It just makes good business sense.

Stay Available

Writers work on deadlines. If you place an order for a blog and then disappear, you limit their ability to complete the work. If questions arise, you need to be around to answer them. Stay in contact with the service or writer just in case.

Working with a blog ghostwriter, like anything else, is a process of trial and error. It is a gift that the internet has laid at the feet of small and medium businesses. Once you master the technique, a ghost blogger will be a tool that helps generate new leads and improve website content.

Darla F is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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