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Where You’re Going Wrong on Your Quest for Niche Content

Looking for Niche WritersHiring writers isn’t rocket science. In fact, the number of freelance writers who specialize in subjects ranging from blogging to email marketing is ever increasing. Writers want to work, and they would prefer to write in their niche. It makes their job with writing much easier, while allowing them to tend to their passions and interests. Yet for some reason it seems that there is always some marketing pro who couldn’t find a niche writer even if they lived with one. Here are five ways that you, too, can avoid finding niche writers for your business needs.

Pick of the Litter

If you want to avoid finding a niche writer who is trained in your area of focus, don’t look for those individuals who qualify. Also, you don’t want to look at a potential writer’s portfolio or list of previous clients as a way to verify their writing experience in your niche. Randomly select a writer based on their education, avatar, or past experience if it is unrelated to your business. Writers will write about anything, after all.

Spinning in Circles

Search for writers who can rewrite articles published on other sites while giving them a spin for your specific need. This is a sure fire way to end up with a writer who has most likely never heard of your business subject. Good luck trying to establish a long term work relationship with writers who are skilled at spinning articles rather than creating fresh and on-point content.

Write On

Don’t attempt to hire niche writers since you can do everything yourself. Of course, with most busy marketing professionals, blogging, posting on social media, and updating content on a website is super simple, right? Exactly. Then, when you are burned out and your web-based business is faltering, leaving you borderline-bankrupt, hire writers who’ll take the job for pennies.

Pay Lessons

Avoid paying niche writers an appropriate amount of money for work in their special interests. Compensation for their skills, educational background, and real world experience should not be of your concern. Better yet, offer the lowest possible amount of money for your assignment and hope they take the bait. After all, when you can hire someone with basic writing skills to do the work, why should you pay more for niche writing?

Avoid Like the Plague

Look for writers in all of the wrong places. Skip over those online writer forums and writing communities. Treat niche blogs like zombies, and do not consider your own blog audience for potential writers. And by all means, never talk about needing specialty writers when you are congregating in brick-and-mortar offices with others in your industry.

If you can follow these five rules for not hiring niche writers, your web-based business will be about as successful in hiring solid niche writers as a snake is with walking on two legs.

Miranda B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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